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Sometimes I wonder


As I sit and have my lunch of Kraft Macaroni and cheese, corn and a pack of cheetos ( I don’t know I am clearly feeling kinda in a yellow mood) I sit and wonder.
Sometimes I wonder if:
    • at 60 I would still think of myself as 19. I forget sometimes that I am not a teenager, eventhough I am getting closer to 40.
    • I cut my hair Halle Berry short if I would still be happy with my looks
    •  everyone was happy with their jobs, partners, homes, lives in general, would we still find things to fight about.
    • I was given a free trip to travel to the moon, Mars and Saturn if I would take it especially after watching The Robinsons.
    • we were purple, magenta or green, which colour would we discriminate against.
    • Supernanny was to peep in on our household what would be her comments on us

So what’s on your mind today.



Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Sometimes I wonder

  1. Sometimes I foget that I am growing up and getting older. I know I\’m still young but 30 is going to coming up sooner than I realize. I tried comming here earlier but your page wouldn\’t load for me! I hope you are having a great day!

  2. I wonder when I will be through with this PhD:)  I had my hair cut a la Halle Berry before.  I loved it but lost of maintenance.  Having it long makes it easier for me right now, but I think I will cut it again when I am done.  I think I need a change:)  Take care and enjoy the weekend.  I love mac and cheese as well……..

  3. OK, so at 40 I still feel like I\’m 21 for the most part.  I\’m the same smartass.  I\’m still unfocused.  etc. etc. etc.  I still feel like I can all the same things physically I did when I was a young punk.  And according to my wife I\’m still a horny bastard too.  Ah well.  😉
    SuperNanny could definitely help me and my lack of parenting skills with my sons.  *sigh* 

  4. your lunch sounds absolutely fabulous…but perhaps that is pregnancy speaking.  i think first thing in the morning I will have to run out and buy some cheetos…okay, maybe not, but i can dream of it, right!?  i currently have had a really sore throat for like 3 days…so i have been wondering IF it will EVER go away…IF a sore throat can slowly kill you from driving you crazy….or IF I will ever sleep again…it is 3:30 in the morning here, and this pesky throat has me awake…argh!

  5. Answer to the 1st 4 are yes. Discrimination, don\’t matter what colour, someone would find a reason to be an ass. Supernanny would be out of a job at your home I am sure.  Loving the pics of the cricket. Our team got slaughtered but least they got to the play.

  6. Well…I\’m wondering today IF we\’ll ever get our money back for those windows that were never installed.  Cute list!God bless 🙂

  7. What\’s on my mind today?   Why am I up this early on a Sunday morning blogging, I\’m hungry and don\’t feel like fixing my own breakfast and what am I wearing to church….that\’s what\’s on my mind today!  LOL
    Interesting thoughts Gayle.  Especially the one about color.  I did the "Hallie Berry cut" twice already, it was sweet, but unfortunately the maintenance was not!  I\’m thinking of doing it again this summer but the thought scares the heck out of me after my hair has grown so nicely and is now on my shoulders.
    What\’s up with all that yellow food woman?  And by the way NONE of it is good for you!  That menu just didn\’t make sense either! LOL…don\’t worry girl, we all have our days when we eat the most crazy things that don\’t work together.  Like me going to a resturant recently and eating cake with bread!  Yes, don\’t ask why, all I know the cake was in between the bread like butter, and your girl was chowing down on it!  I scared a few forks with that…they thought I was pregnant!  But it did taste good!
    Have a great week!

  8. Hey G, how is the weekend going?  What\’s the plan for Easter weekend?

  9. I tried cutting my hair short and I was extremely unhappy. I looked awful. LOL But some people look great with it. Halle Berry would look great if she shaved her head.

  10. Such an interesting mind you have there! Usually when I am thinking, it\’s always what needs to be done in the house, need to open our pool, what do I need from the grocery store, etc.etc. My mind keeps constant to-do lists in it. It\’s a curse sometimes!
    Hope you have a great week!

  11. Wasn\’t moving too quickly when I saw you on IM…and neither was my computer…lol.   I wanted to thank you for taking the time to ask how I am doing…which is improving… and wanted you to know that I wrote a blog for the first time in a good while.  It was a pleasure to read your last few blogs.  You have such a surreal and cool way of looking at things!  Hmmmm…  1. I am in my 50\’s and my spirit does always seem to have stayed at 19!  2. I know I would never look good in that haircut and I agree with Cassie that Berry would even look great bald.  3. In this world, I believe there will always be people that are dissatisfied blamers, that want things the easy way, and want to fight, not being satisfied with what they have and desire to rule over others…and they come in every shade of color.  4.  I don\’t like to fly, or go on a ship, so I am sure I wouldn\’t want a trip to outer space!  5.  Depends on the person…I like all the colors you mentioned…and they all have a place in the rainbow of life!  5.  Supernanny would have a relaxing time at our house…the children are grown up and have families of their own.  Have a great week!  Love and Hugs!

  12. I like the entry. Maybe we must "wonder if" sometimes. Have a good day, Zeynep.

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