Wazhat! Wahzat!

I ran into an Old Love!!


I ran into an Old love recently!
And after a few visits I am smitten again!!
okay it is not what you are thinking.. I am not really carrying out an illicit affair.
While surfing one day I stumbed along on SoapNet.
And lo and behold they were showing the Young and the Restless. Now I have been a Y&R fan for years now. Hey you couldn’t be in Trinidad & Tobago at one point without hearing about it in song or conversation. Y&R was a national ‘epidemic’ in Trinidad and to be honest I know there are people who scurry off to the lunch room at lunch time to get their daily fix still. Hey televisions were put into lunchroom for this exact reason, not because of cricket or football, but for Y&R.
Which brings me back to me. I have found myself watching the Y&R again at that convenient time that SoapNet has it on. I even got to watch the entire week showing on a Y&R marathon they had on Saturday night.
Now I have refrained this last year from watching the soaps because I really didn’t want to get all hooked again and watch my day fritter away in front of the television. BUT it is at night,  right at the time I ready to unwind and just after the must see tv. ( I must remind you all of my tv addiction 🙂 )
To be honest I am lost to the story line and the dubious aging of the characters, but I am so excited to be  back at Genoa City kicking back with my old scandalous, scheming characters.
So enough of my fluff…. do hope you all have a great week !!

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7 thoughts on “I ran into an Old Love!!

  1. I rarely get addicted to shows, but my few are Friends and Sex in the City.  I watch them on DVD whenever I\’m feeling a little lonely, and it\’s like I have my old friends around–a miracle when the Hub is out of town.
    I\’ve never watched soap operas except for one summer when I worked in a law office and the other secretary always had them on–I\’ll admit, you get hooked fast.

  2. lol… I haven\’t watched a soap in probably 15 years… but I bet it would be easy to fall right back into the wicked web they weave!! Funny, I knew the name Genoa City before you even said it. I also watched Guiding Light and As the World Turns… both of which, I can honestly say, I do NOT even know if they are still on the air. How bizarre!
    Take care,

  3. Oh you\’re so funny!!  I used to be totally addicted to watching Days of Our Lives…until it got REALLY weird.  Every now and then, if I happen to catch it, I\’ll watch a few minutes.  Ok, sometimes I watch the whole thing.  But those soaps just have a way of sucking you in, don\’t they?Have a great day!God bless 🙂

  4. I remember those days in Trinidad when Y&R was the ultimate addiction!  I was not allowed to watch soaps as a teenager, but when I was "old enough" I watched a couple months of a few of them, and quickly found out that that crap was soooooo not for me!  To this day I just can\’t stand "SO\’s"  But it sure enough used to be a treat to see and hear the excitement of everyone talking about it and running to the lunch rooms or can\’t wait for a public holiday to stay home to watch soaps.
    Have a great week girl!

  5. I used to watch Y&R as well, but within the last 9 months I got sick of it.  I am bored with all the characters and I just felt I needed a break.  The good thing is, though, you can miss 5 years and still catch up (hahahaha)!  Have a fantastic week!

  6. Hey Gayle, I am heading down on the weekend – can\’t wait!  I have been fine without cable and I don\’t plan to hook it up until I finish which will be quite a few months from now.  I still get the networks and I am fine with that.  I was able to watch some of the draft online……..I didn\’t find it upsetting at all.  I just wanted Jamarcus to be picked first.  However, the proof of it all really comes on the field so time will tell.  On the dissertation, progress has been VERY slow – a lot going on.  Will email you soon.

  7. G,
    My T.V. watching addictions would be for a good mystery, or cooking show, how boring can I get, right?  My mother is another story.  I will have to see if Y+R are on her favorite list.  There are two she watches.  The other one that I know she likes is Coronation Street.  Have you heard of that?  You and your family have a good week too!

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