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Broken Mirror


Well my brilliant husband, a Ronaldino wannabe, could find nothing better to do with my son’s football than to send it crashing into a mirror that I had placed outside as decorative element, tucked I thought safely away from ‘children’ destructive play. I guess I never took into consideration the inner teenager of my husband. The mirror was shattered into many little shards of glass. I was pissed! (of course he and children were safe)
After I got over it a thought flashed into my mind briefly… oh does this mean 7 years of bad luck?! I quickly chided myself for such a foolish thought, because with God at my side why should I fear a silly broken mirror! But it makes you wonder, how many times do we see some of the traditional superstition no – nos like a black cat or leaning ladder and unconsciously step aside or away from it.
I know that there is a particularly silly one in Trinidad involving pepper sauce (hot sauce). It states that you should never hand a bottle of hot sauce to anyone especially a friend as this would lead to a a big fight possibly ending your friendship. You should place next to the person and then they can pick up and put on food. This is one that I find myself doing adamantly even though I know it is silly and superstitious.
So what silly superstitious things do you find yourself succumbing too?

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16 thoughts on “Broken Mirror

  1. Awww I pray you dont have 7 years of bad luck…I guess I never gave superstition much thought. Hope you are having a wonderful Monday a blessed week to you

  2. Yikes!  I hope no one was hurt.  I\’m not really superstitious, but I\’ll admit that whenever Friday the 13th rolls around, it does make me a tad bit nervous.  But then it passes when I realize it\’s just another day!God bless 🙂

  3. Ha ha, I knock on wood… even though I\’m not superstitiuos and don\’t believe in coincidences! I think it\’s just a goofy habit! I hope you have a wonderful week ahead. -S- 

  4. Bless your heart, it was so good to hear from you… My blogging has been so hit and miss lately. 😦 That makes me sad but it\’s partly because I am chasing a little girl around the entire house and yard, which isn\’t at all sad.
    I hope you are and your adorable little family are doing well. Have a truly lovely week.   

  5. G,
    I am ashamed to say that there aren\’t any superstitions I adhere to.  😉  Pitiful, huh?  Not that I don\’t think about it on a Friday the 13th or something like that.  If anything ever came close to having to talk myself out of believing it…it was when I was in Haiti around a VooDoo witch doctor, which I will be talking about in my next blog.  If you were following my missionary trip there, I just added part 4, and will make the VooDoo one part 5.  Have a great week!

  6. Poor thing, he was only trying to show you his "extra skills"…..lol!! 
    There are just too many superstitions and old wives tales out there, and you know us Trinis and Caribbean People are really good at carrying them on forever!  However, I was never one to really take them seriously.  I\’ve seen countless black cats, walked under lots of ladders, and yes, broken lots of mirrors (not by looking into them) needless to say I haven\’t experienced anything out of the ordinary.  I\’ve seen my aunts and they do the pepper sauce thingy too.
    But hey, to each his own, everybody has their own beliefs and hangups on different things.
    Have a great week!

  7. I\’ve never heard the pepper sauce superstition.  I ALWAYS turn the car around if a black cat crosses in front of me.  And, I never walk under ladders.  I\’ve heard that if you step on cracks in the sidewalk then you will have bad luck.  I\’ve never avoided them because it would take too much concentration!  🙂
    hugs – Tiffany

  8. *Knock Knok*
    We are deliever a msg from Haroon in response to your \’Hunky Doree\’ comment:
    All is well thanks…been tackling life by the horns…its is an intense battle – a battle that the weak can only dream…I must get back and continue the fight…the fight for my right and my place in the crazy world…

  9. i see…so you must retrieve it yourself from the table??
    :o) smiles are free and contagious…so pass one right now to the people you love and those you don\’t…soon everyone will be smiling… :o)

  10. Uh oh…that is 7 years bad luck.

  11. Let\’s see if this goes around the world for Mother\’s Day!! Prettiest Moms! YOU ARE \’HIT\’!
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    Before I was a Mom I never tripped over toys or forgot words to a lullaby.I didn\’t worry whether or not my plants were poisonous.I never thought about immunization.Before I was a Mom – I had never been puked on. Pooped on. Chewed on, Wet on.I had complete control of my mind and my thoughts.I slept all night.Before I was a Mom I never held down a screaming child so doctors could do tests. Or give shots.I never looked into teary eyes and cried.I never got gloriously happy over a simple grin. I never sat up late hours at night watching a baby sleep.Before I was a Mom I never held a sleeping baby just because I didn\’tWant to put them down. I never felt my heart break into a million pieces when I couldn\’t stop the hurt.I never knew that something so small could affect my life so much.I never knew that I could love someone so much.I never knew I would love being a Mom.Before I was a Mom – I didn\’t know the feeling of having my heart outside my body.I didn\’t know how special it could feel to feed a hungry baby.I didn\’t know that bond between a mother and her child.I didn\’t know that something so small could make me feel so important and happy.Before I was a Mom – I had never gotten up in the middle of the night every 10 minutes to make sure all was okay.I had never known the warmth, the joy, the love, the heartache, the wonderment or the satisfaction of being a Mom.I didn\’t know I was capable of feeling so much, before I was a Mom.Send this to someone who you think is a special Mom. I just did! This says it all! I also leave you this with love: Enjoy your special day! ~~Hugs~~

  12. Ronaldino, lol…. not sure if I want to play like him  but the money would come in handy.
    No superstitions here I am afraid, not because I dont believe, its because I cant remember them. 
    Hope your weekend is incident free.

  13. Just coming by to wish you a blessed mother\’s day this weekend, in doubts that I will not be coming by before then.
    Lots of hugs

  14. Just coming by to wish you a blessed mother\’s day this weekend, in doubts that I will not be coming by before then.
    Lots of hugs

  15. Just coming by to wish you a blessed mother\’s day this weekend, in doubts that I will not be coming by before then.
    Lots of hugs

  16. Sorry to hear about the mirror…..I know I appreciate my yard art and would be pretty upset if that happened.
    As far as superstitions go, I\’m undecided I suppose. I think of them, like the 7 years bad luck….not walking under a ladder and the black cat (not so much that one), and I forget about them just as quickly. I\’m more of a "sign" person…..it\’s a "sign"……but I have never looked at "superstitions" as signs I suppose. Like I said, in my mind and out twice as fast! LOL I\’m probably not making much sense, but they seem different to me.
    I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day……broken mirror and all. 🙂

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