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on Akon, Richard Gere and John Travolta


Please forgive me for this vent, but these three celebrities have tickled at my nerves for the last few days.
  • Now Akon silly rapper got himself involved in a stupid ‘sex’ dance in a Trinidad club with a minor (14yrs) lax club rules and such. If you see the 14 year old you can understand the mistake, but what has gotten me all peeved is the actual dance. I got a glimpse of it on E! TV and I was appalled by the violence and lewdness of it. He literally flung the girl around like dish rag or rag doll. Is that entertainment? Was that his idea of performing? Oh I hope not– it was awful! my cousin(21) compared it to a molestation and you know I could not disagree!
  • There is much talk recently about the ‘kiss’ that Richard Gere planted on the Indian female celebrity (sorry i don’t remember her name) in India. I remember think that the silly man really should have done his research on the culture before appearing, because coming from a land which is 40% Indian in population it is known that Hindus are very passionate about their woman being chaste and prudish (and yes I am simplifiying a bit). And then, again on E!, I saw the kiss and I am shocked, Richard Gere in front of everyone was so ‘excited’ by the cause they was speaking on was fawning all over the girl. He kissed her hand and then tipped the visibly uncomfortable woman and planted the sloppiest kiss I ever did see on her cheek. What was he thinking?!! It was so inappropriate and ridiculous… he seemed to be smitten by her albeit she is really good-looking, but it looked silly and now the poor girl is possibly facing a jail sentence because of it.


  • And now John Travolta and scientology… there is a rumour going around that his son is autistic and because of scientology they are not recognising that he has it. Oh my goodness I can’t even begin to get into this one. I just hope that even though they are not recognising the label they are doing more than just wishing the disorder away, because that sorry to say it does not cut it. My initial reaction was alot more peeved than I am feeling now. But seeing it is only a rumour and I don’t think it is fair that anyone should be forced to be the poster person for a cause, but I do hope that the Travolta’s are at least doing all that they can to ensure that he can reach to some level of neurotypicalness. If, however, they are not putting their money to good use then they should at least pass on some to my son and me. We would put it to good use ( Here is one view on it)

By the by Richard Gere and John Travolta are two of my favourite male actors <<SIGH>> well I guess it is human to err!


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9 thoughts on “on Akon, Richard Gere and John Travolta

  1. LOL……I understand that Akon mopped the floor with little miss thang!  I haven\’t seen the video, I soooooo would like too!!  Yes, it\’s entertainment, that\’s what they get paid for….he is just acting out what he pays for at the strip clubs!!  Again, I am in no way sorry for Dana!!  What the hell was she doing there in the first place?!?!  Moving right along……….
    As for the Richard and the poor indian chick, I think the world has gone crazy!!  What about that warrants a jail sentence?  There are so many criminals out here needing to be locked away forever and a day, and yet they are roaming about freely, and they want to jail these two consenting adults for a stupid kiss!??!  Geeeeesh…..
    Again, yet another case of the world going mad (automatically I am hearing that song by Beenie Man…has the world gone mad), religion, religion, religion…it is so stupid that some people would use religion as an excuse not to get medically treated for ailments!!  It is so stupid…..God has given man the wisdom and knowledge to produce medicines etc to bring about healing and cures for different things, yet some seemingly "intelligent" folks choose to hide behind the cloak of religion to be an ass!!  Oh well, if John chooses to be one of the worlds asses, good for him!  He has an accountibility to God for that child, so in due time he\’ll answer!
    Enjoy the rest of the week girly!!

  2. That\’s crazy isn\’t it, the things some people do? I hope you are having a great week, take care. -S-

  3. G.
    I have not seen this lewd and disgusting dance you have mentioned by Akon and this minor and I do not want too. I am appalled at the way celeberties act today. They seem not to have any scouples not mention morales and act if they have free licences to commit any immoral act they wish without any reprecusions or consequences.
    There are many actors and actresses that I have liked in the past but do to their immoral actions or blatant disregard for others I no longer care to view on tv or the movies. Needless to say I do not go to the cinema much anymore and limit what I do view on tv. I suppose that being famous gives the right to not be held accountable for your actions. Wrong!!!!! But that seems to be the mindset of many famous people.
    God bless you my friend and kuddos to you for speaking out on this matter.~HUGS~Marilyn~ 

  4. Oh I\’m fine, thanks for caring though! I have just been really tired lately and haven\’t had much time to blog. Madison is such a mess now, she keeps me so busy!

  5. Well, the nice thing I will say about Tavolta and Gere is that they are both good actors, and entertainers, especially Travolta, but that is as far as I can go on being positive.  Good sense doesn\’t seem to necessarily go with the acting trade, and these days, it especially doesn\’t go.  I don\’t know enough about Akon to comment on him, other than by what I read in the paragraph, and he certainly belongs in the context of your blog!  Hope you are having a lovely week!

  6. ¬ Akon is an idiot, but that 14 year old girl is also an idiot, she has a MySpace with revealing pictures of herself on it & sneaks into places where she shouldn\’t be. The whole episode just disgusts me.
    ¬ I don\’t think Richard Gere did anything bad, but I found the reaction from the some of the Indian folks who burnt effigies of Gere & wated him arrested quite laughable. It\’s a big fuss over nothing, in my opinion.
    ¬ As for Travolta, I respect other people\’s religions but I have a hard time acknowledging Scientology as a religion, it\’s a farce.

  7. Hi.. just stopping by! I hope all is well with you! It\’s been a while since I came by.. sorry about that!
    Take care,

  8. I am appalled at some of the things I hear that people do. Especially those out there who are in the public eye, "supposedly" setting an example to our younger generation out there…It\’s horrible…
    Hope you are having a lovely week though
    much love to yous weet friend

  9. Hi
    Just stopped around to catch up on your space and wish you and yours a wonderful weekend. Want me to send you John and Richards telephone numbers?

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