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Firstly Happy 4th of July to all my friends in the US.

Okay, so it is one day late, but hey you know my computer situation. Still can’t figure out the problem even after trying all that Alien Hunter suggested. Thank you Alien Hunter and Beth by the way. Oh I do so miss being able to vent when I want and comment at my leisure. POUT but so it is sometimes. Enough fretting.

In my absence I have missed the birth of one of my frequent blog stops baby. Charlie came a bit early so I ask if you could send up a prayer that he continues to gain strength and grow strong so that he can leave the hospital. And a prayer of strength and patience for his mom the barnyardmama

We are all on summer holidays at last. Though we have yet to fully enjoy it yet seeing that both children, though in good spirits have got head and chest colds, so that means lots of sniffling and coughing and a whole lot of mucus (or as we West Indians say SNAT). YUCK!!

What a difference a year has made, before she got the cold I was marvelling at the swimmer that my daughter has become. Last year she was a step warmer, now give her  a noodle and an adult and she is swimming along like a young guppie testing out her fins haha. My son’s smile is short three teeth and I have to say that his speech and his computer proficiency has improved remarkably since last summer. He no longer waits for me to turn on the laptop no sireee he turns it on and finds his favourite programme on the internet. Luckily we have DSL.
I myself have settled into being a stay at home/ drive around mother and now only half heartedly muse about taking a part-time job. Mind you with all the projects that I get myself involved in I don’t think I could find the time to work LOL!
My friend base has shifted and sometimes I feel at a loss. Even though my neighbour has been gone for 7 month already I think that is now that I am really starting to miss her and her family. Because this year there is no fun neighbour to hang out with at the pool. Rats!
Good things though my friend from Abu Dhabi comes visiting in August so I really looking forward to that, because as some of you may remember I do have a birthday coming up in August and this year I will set up my own balloons and cake

Well that is it for now I am going to post two entries so that at least it doesn’t look like I have stopped blogging altogether. I hope to be back here again in July, but if I can’t I hope everyone enjoys all the delights that July and summer brings. I need to hear all about the beach, ice cream stops, swimming and fun heat stopping day, because you know I plan to be doing all of that except the ice cream of course, because my son is not allowed to have dairy poor thing.

Have a great weekend and week when it comes.
Keep safe!!


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Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

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  1. G,
    Thrilled that you have been able to post something, even if things aren\’t working properly!  Yes, I am praying for Charlie and his family!  Your word SNAT…gave me a giggle…but is PERFECT as a descriptive word!  Well, glad you are having a good summer with many plans.  Wishing you an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Love and hugs,

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