Wazhat! Wahzat!

Can I get a sound check!!


Look Mummy

I am a
POP STAR!!everyone knows that a POP STAR needs some one to cary her things!
(Honestly don’t know where she gets it from LOL) 

Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Can I get a sound check!!

  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! You\’re in SOOOOOOO much trouble in about 7-9 years!!!!!!! but she\’s ADORABLE! and I know EXACTLY who she gets it from!!!! LOLOLOLOL =D

  2. U don\’t know where she get\’s it from……YEAH RIGHT!!!! 

  3.  Too cute.  Robert just got Conor a toy guitar and he keeps striking these rock star poses with it.  I need to get a picture up of it! 
    She gets it frim hubby,…….right?????    🙂

  4. G,
    What a STAR!  She is a sweetheart for sure.  Your son is also a cutie-pie.  So glad you have the wonderful pictures to to remember the moments.  Love and hugs,

  5. LOL….your daughter is too much!  I hope they stay as sweet as they are and take their time and enjoy their childhood and life in general.  Too cute!!
    Stay safe girl! 

  6. That is adorable!

  7. Omygoodness Wahzat – we should give our daughters an introduction.   They are of the same mind – and girl, don\’t even go there, you know very well where she gets it from!!!
    Your kids are adorable :)))

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