Wazhat! Wahzat!

A little bit of this and a whole lot of that! And quite a bit of whining!


Oh gee I have been wondering am I a wuss or is it that I am out of practice.

The woman-Ms. Milli- who doubles as housekeeper and care taker of my children was away on leave for these past two weeks so I have been having to do it all YIKES!!!!!! The first week wasn’t so bad because we were all at home, but throw in school and me going off to finish a project in the mornings and ooops remembering that I need to wash clothes, dishes and the bathroom. Drop off there, pick up here, pick up there and drop of here, the a/c of my car is actin up again… I swore at the end of the second week I was going to die. Suffice it to say I am EXHAUSTED!!!!
Because my space is too small to have a dryer, and for the most part it it way too expensive, I have to go outside with my pail overflowing with wet garments and hang them on a line all the while hoping that the line has not been filled up by someone else as it is a community line. Have I ever mentioned how much of a disdain I have for cleaning SIGH! And the sink is constantly overflowing. Why didn’t I think of using disposable dishes before I started writing this. My hat is off for all those mummy’s and daddy’s that do this without help full time!
Even though the children are driving me nutty when they get home after school I am soooo happy to report that they are both settling into school nicely. After the first day and the intense meltdown that was experienced I cut into my son’s favorite comfort blanket and packed him off to school with it and thank God it has worked he reaches for it when he gets anxious and all of his whining and tears have been eliminated. I can’t say that he is whine-free or tear-free at home or for that matter neither is his sister, but that is how they are supposed to be with their Mummy right LOL. I have figured that they are wound up so tight at school trying to be on their best p&q that when they get home they loosen their belts and it all comes spilling out. So looking forward to Monday, when Ms. Milli comes back!! (Teehee they are afraid of her and not me LOL)
Okay I could go on and on with this whine, but I will stop now.
Just an update on what has been going on here:
As to the elections all the votes have been recounted and some seats reassigned. Of course there are still some seats being contested and to add some spice to the pot they found two ballot boxes that were not figured in the count (sounds familiar?). Oh well, but a new Prime Minister was sworned in this week and a new ruling party in place. So everyone is just waiting to see if this new government will fulfill all the promises that they were throwing out while campaigning. Real happy that it is all over now I can go back to wearing the colours that I like without worrying about which political affiliation each colour had, I can drive on most streets and not worry about whether or not I was driving on a politically volatile street. We may get normal yet LOL
Strangely enough some people ( though a small number considering) are still waiting for electricity to be turned back on after Hurricane Dean, but for the most part everything seems to be  alright. We have been looking at all the storms brewing and saying silent prayers of thanks that they have blown way south or way north (sorry Florida). Felix even though was really south actually blow rather rough on our beaches south of the island isn’t that something!
Well I haven’t had a post this long for awhile. Hope everyone has a great weekend. And a fantastic week next week! Can you believe that September is almost over already and that Christmas is right around the corner where did this year go!!!

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6 thoughts on “A little bit of this and a whole lot of that! And quite a bit of whining!

  1. Politics sound like they are crazy in your neck of the woods!!  Glad the kids are settling in to school!  That wasn\’t very nice of Ms Milli to take her leave during the first week of school!  🙂 lol  Well you survived!  That\’s whats important!!  2 more years for me then I get to go through it.  Somedays I can\’t wait, others I never want it to come! 

  2. Christmas??? You had to go and mention that? ;o)

  3. Glad to hear you are all doing well. Thankfully all the election drama has been resolved somewhat amicably. JLP hasn\’t been in power since I was a wee girl on the island with no clue about all this stuff.Hopefully the kids will adapt soon…and yes, thankfully their mummy will get her helper back soon. My parents were just here and asked if we have a helper to help out with all the things I have to keep on top of here at home…NOOOO! was my reply. It\’s a completely different world up here.Anyway, enjoy the return of Ms. Milli. You are fortunate indeed. 

  4. OMG, you\’re just having a rotten time……well Ms. Milli to the rescue!  Christmas!!!! Yeah!!!!! You know I love me some Christmas…but that means another birthday too, oh well such is life.  It\’s starting to get cold here in GA, which is very strange for this time.  We normally start getting cold in December.

    Geese, when will these election dramas end?  Could we ever get fair and drama free elections ever again?
    Anyway, I see you disagreed with my last blog, but it\’s all good.  You\’re a parent of kids that VERY AGE, and judging from the above blog I see that you go through the same things.  But oh gosh, people have to be considerate and not have their kids be a nuisance to others.  There are now certain places here that are putting up signs for kids to use their "inside" voices and I quite agree. A lot of places are loosing business because of "rowdy/nuisance" kids.   I guess if you didn\’t have kids you\’d understand where I\’m coming from.  But you know quite well that we couldn\’t get away with acting a fool when we\’re in public with grown folks at all.    Don\’t even dream about it, cause it would have been one "bad eye", then some hot hot licks on the spot!!  So why should we allow our kids to do it?  Because we didn\’t get to do it and we "love them"…..eh, eh, I thinketh not!!
    Have a great week girlie….I need to be on a beach!

  5.   I just hate that beginning of the anything, kids really need the structure.  I absolutely hate weeks like this…breathe…smile…and I hope next week will be better.    My kids are finding their groove but there are always bumps along the way.   You wanted to know about Linz.  Her meds are working quite well with the anxiety but we are having more problems with the depression but that should be improving now that she is trying more meds.  One day at a time around my place!  Blessings!

  6. Hang in there!  At least you have your friends out here in blog land to take care of you:)  -T 

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