Wazhat! Wahzat!

My Dad turns 73 today!!


My Father turns 73 years today-September 21. When did that happen. He doesn’t look like 73.

I mean yes his salt and pepper hair is all white and has pretty much lost all of it’s pepper. And yes he has a shake that I never noticed before and oh he did manage to fall twice while he visited over the summer. And yes I was scared out of my wits by those two falls, when did he become fallible. And he does fall asleep without warning. But all that being said there is no way that those numbers are right. 

73 seems old people may want to refer to him as a senior citizen.
But there is no way that he is a senior citizen.

My father would always be
all knowing
deeply religious
always kooky
and definitely a little dorky.
But old never!!
Happy Birthday my Daddy may you see many many more.
Come on now he has at least 20 more years in him



Author: kidfriendlyja

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4 thoughts on “My Dad turns 73 today!!

  1. Happy Birthday to your Dad! He looks fabulous!!!  What a lovely tribute to him. :o)

  2. Just browsing, your dad looks wonderful. Have a great weekend.  

  3. Trini to the bone, he must have a bottle of something on the table!  Happy Birthday to daddy, may you live to see many many more!
    Speaking of the daddys getting \’older\’, only last week Sunday I went to my dad\’s house to help him do something and in conversation he mentioned that he was 63.  I stopped dead in my tracks, with my mouth open and was like "daddy you so old?\’  He said "yes, I\’m 63".  I remembered just the other day I told somebody he was 52.  Oh well, regardless of the age, I sure am glad that he is still here, healthy and in his right mind.

  4. Happy birthday to your Dad. Methinks perhaps his family probably keep him so young??? Yes?
    Be safe

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