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What do you say to this?!!!


A friend of mine recently lost his home due to the most freakish accident that I have ever heard. Lightening struck his house actually it struck a gas tank next to the house and in a flash the house went down in flames. Yes it is something that can happen for real and not just overdramatized on television. Thank God he and his children were not at home at the time. Thank God.
 Now I instantly thought I must call him when I heard, but then it struck me when I call him what do I say? I mean what can I say that would not make him dwell on this disaster. And even though there is loss I couldn’t use the line that the professional say you should use if sound loses a family member– "I am here for you if you need me" Could I? It just doesn’t seem relevant because the most I can really do is offer an ear or a pillow or two. I can’t give him back the memories, the lost photos, the important documents. And saying that awful line "everything happens for a reason" so doesn’t work here.
So what can I say? What should I do? Honestly other than saying "I am so sorry" I am at a lost of what to say!

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6 thoughts on “What do you say to this?!!!

  1. Something similar happened to a friend of mine…lightening hit their electrical box, and started an electrical fire, their house was almost gone by the time the firemen came in.  There is nothing you can say except "I am your friend, and I am here for you".  To someone who has lost everything material, often times a couple of pillows and a supportive friend is exactly what they need…don\’t see yourself (or your kindness) short.

  2. Just knowing he has a friend he can count on will be plenty. All you can do is be there for him and the children. 

  3.  That\’s truly an aweful tragedy.  However that\’s something I\’m quite used to living here in Georgia.  Just let it rain, here comes the lightening, there goes a few houses!  I respect lightening around here.  If it doesn\’t hit the house directly, it hits a tree, splits it and boom, the tree splits somebody\’s house or car in two!  A lot of people are now investing in expensive lightening rods to detract the lightening from their house. 
    It\’s very sad indeed because you really and truly can\’t find words to say to someone in this situation.  Insurance covers things that can be replaced, but what about the memories and the irreplacables? 

  4. That is so terrible! But how amazing it is that they were not there. Thank God indeed. 

    Hi WahZat 🙂
    Do call.
    Any words are welcome words because it is "the voice" that is bringing him comfort. Just say something like "I\’m so grateful you and the children are safe, and I\’m praying for you that you get back on your feet soon! You are important to me, and I care."

  6. I\’m sorry always helps.  As well as a few clothes if you have them, and they might fit.  Getting the insurance sorted out may take a while until he can go shopping and get new things.  Also if you have any pictures that include them, make copies for them.  I lost everything in a fire.   My childhood friend found a bunch of pictures of us as girls and sent them to me.  It was one of the greates things!
    Happy belated bday to your dad!  Sorry that I haven\’t been by, it\’s been crazy here with all the company!

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