Wazhat! Wahzat!

Fluff alert


So I couldn’t help it I just have to take a moment and shout
Can you tell I am excited. My tv addiction is totally being stoked in the biggest way. I vegged out on Bionic Woman, Life, Private Practice and Crazy Sexy Money and took a peek at Gossip Girl. yes I know they are all on different channels and  I don’t have TIVo and I am really very upset that it is not being offered here in Jamaica, but I watched them all. Don’t ask me to rate anything I am too filled with excitement because today is Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy and I will be there in fron tof the television, melting into the couch and possibly munching on some popcorn.
###Note to self pick up popcorn from the supermarket!
Happy tv watching.

Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Fluff alert

  1. You really are ADDICTED!!!! LOLOLOLOL…. but don\’t worry – I\’m right there with you! =D

    Are you going to watch the season premiere of Nooner\’s Girls? You have a starring role, I heard. 🙂

  3. Bionic woman was awesome!  Can\’t wait for mext week.  I\’m not a fan of the other shows, but watched Ugly Betty a few times and liked it.  But I couldn\’t give up Survivor for Betty.  Eh, eh!!  Damian and I have been fighting over the "big" tv on Wednesday nights, cause he wants to watch Kid Nation and I want to watch America\’s Next Top Model!  Of course I lost and had to go in the bedroom and watch the small tv!!  The ABC shows can be viewed the day after online, so maybe I\’ll catch a glimpse of a few of them the morning after.
    Have a wonderful weekend, but don\’t go to the beach \’cause I can\’t!!

  4. Of all the shows you mentioned Grey\’s Anatomy is the only one I wanted to watch but I had a prior engagement and didn\’t get to see it. My sister has promised to tell me what happened before next week. I don\’t have TIVo either but I guess I could have recorded it. Oh well there will be repeat sometime.
    Enjoy your weekend,

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