Wazhat! Wahzat!

Very very curious!!!


I got 182 visits to my site yesterday!!
I honestly don’t know the reason for the spike considering most days the most I get is maybe 6.
Can anyone tell me what caused the sudden surge of popularity.
Oh it occurred before my fluff entry hmmmm just very very curious.
Anyway have a great great weekend!
hugs to all
(Normally I would put some cute image of my children up but Adam and I have once again damaged my cameras. Oh well that’s life. I am thinking a Fisher Price camera may be the right option for us two LOL) 

Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Very very curious!!!

  1. Popularity, thou shall embrace it.
    So after gorging on all that TV, can you now give a quick synopsis of Bionic Woman.
    All I know about it is the lead English actress in it who used to be on a popular UK soap opera a few years back. 🙂

  2. I\’m so glad you stopped by, W.  It seems we have alot in common. 
    I have friends here in the U.S. who are from Trinidad.  Love the accent!
    I, too, love my tv.  And I have tivo.  Hope that you get it soon.  blessings, g  btw, what did you think of Life.  I think I liked it but I am not sure.  I do like the lead character, though.

    Will you remember me when you are a Star?
    I don\’t understand the Statistics Page followings anymore. A few months after I first came on to Spaces I use to get what seemed to be almost 10 comments a day. Now I get 10 in a month .. lol. I\’m guessing my humor is not everyone\’s cup of tea. Oh well. I have fallen in online-love, er appreciation, to the few that hung with me for months and months. Like I have to them. As long as I\’m happy, that\’s what keeps me going. I kinda like "knowing" who was a frequent visitor of mine .. and "knowing those who stopped". Makes me think specifically of those who stopped and ponder why they shallowed. We learn most from those that oppose us, me thinks.

  4. Just embrace the fact that you are popular, you\’re a magnet!! 
    I would suggest the Fisher Price camera thingy too.  Sounds much more economical for folks who break things often.

  5. I think the main character in Life is Zany like a Fox!  He showed who he truly is at the end of the show. 
    TiVo is a blessing and a bane.  I love not having to watch commercials and being able to record two shows at a time but I do watch more tv than I used to.
    Have a great week, gail

  6. Are you featured this week?  Maybe just popular:)  Have a super weekend!  -T

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