Wazhat! Wahzat!

Oh what a great week last week was!


Oh what a week, what a wonderful week last week was. The sun came out after it rained. And the rain cool things down a whole lot and my children made me proud just by being the sweet human beings that they are.
Last week at swimming my normally water shy daugther put all fears aside and dove into the pool and then proceeded to do four strokes. Sigh my heart was so proud and then to see her happily join the line and go back again three times was just amazing. (of course no picture  oh well)
Last week my son won a small award for being one of two outstanding students in his class for the week. And as some of you know this is a real accomplishment for my son. He brought tears to my eyes as he proudly stood on the stage smiling and grinning not the least bit perturbed or upset by the crowd of students or noise that was around him. It is a little award, but means so much to me because it is an example of how far he has come! (of course no picture  oh well)
Oh and last week I got my broken camera to work periodically so I at least have one or two pictures of my children after they achieved their phenomal feats LOL
Not sure what this week will bring other than rain. We got all soaked already this morning, but I am sure it will be fine.
Hope you have a great week
and I will leave you with an email that I got which made me laugh and I am sure it would do for you too.
Sometimes when you are angry with someone,
it helps to sit down and think about the issues.


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7 thoughts on “Oh what a great week last week was!

  1. Gayle,
      I\’ll say you had a wonderful week despite the your camera not coopperating. The pics you did get a wonderful and your children are growing so much. It is so heart warming to see or read about parents that love their children as much as you do and to share in their joy….. Kuddos to your sweet babies….
      I\’ll be back to catch up on you and your precious little family. God bless all of you.~HUGS~Marilyn~

  2. Hi G
    OMG look at your kids, especially Adam!  He stood there doing his superman pose with his prize….priceless indeed.
    And yes it sure helps to sit down ON the issue and think about it!!
    Please send all the rain over to GA, we are having a severe drought here since early this summer.  The rain is not falling long or often enough and every lake and resevior is just about way under level if not completely dry.  They have now shut off all fountains around the state and have imposed water restrictions (no wetting plants and lawns etc.) and have asked people to ration their water supply.  So send that rain over here!!
    Have a great week

  3. I\’m glad you had a wonderful week. I hope this week turns out to be more than wonderful.

  4. G,
    Really enjoyed your blog and children\’s achievements!  I can appreciate how proud you must be.  I can see that the teachers are doing a good job of making your children feel loved and encouraging their potential.  I also see a mother (YOU) that has planted, watered, and done a good job of being a good mum.  Looking forward to reading about new feats and achievements by your children.

  5. P.S.
    Love and hugs,

  6. Your children ARE absolutely adorable…I have to agree 😀 how exciting to see the accomplishments they make I am so happy for you for them! Are you ready for Halloween? I Hope you and your lovely little family have a wonderful one!
    Sending hugs your way!
    love the email too btw

  7. Sounds like a fabulous week! Hope your camera gets fixed SOON – the pics are adorable!

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