Wazhat! Wahzat!

It’s a colourful colourfulworld!


The original title of this entry was going to be Hooray! Hooray! the sun has come out to play!! But alas the rain chased the sun away again and is pouring down with all its might. It has been raining from Sunday and as much as I try Fay I just can’t seems to blow it away to your side of life.
So instead I will share a little of the colour that is my daughter’s imagination.
Every day I share some mummy-daughter time with my sweetie by colouring with her. She loves colouring and colours. Oh what a kaleidoscope she produces. Girls with purple hair and green faces. Arms two-tones of green and pink, brown legs and yellow shoes and the sky the colours of a rainbow. I know that I should try to reign in her colour choices- in fact it was a request by the school to suggest the correct colour for things such as yellow for banana and not the lovely shade of magenta that is usually favoured. But the artist in me just can’t bring myself to do it. Who am I to stifle her creativity when I wish I could see the world as wonderfully shaded as she does – a virtual rainbow land. One day she will grow up and know the correct colours for things until then I think I will enjoy the many colours of the crayon box along with her.


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12 thoughts on “It’s a colourful colourfulworld!

  1. G,
    If I were still teaching I would commend your daughter for how nicely she keeps her colors in the lines!  (Excellent eye-hand coordination development)   At your daughters age, one reason teachers like children to learn "reality" coloring is to prepare for critical thinking with the students correctly identifying colors, shapes, etc. for their mathematical and scientific learning and thinking.  To identify color patterns and shapes you have to be able to visualize the reality of them.  This prepares you for higher mathematics.  Same thing when you are studying science, when identifying an animal in nature, and coloring it, and studying the details.  It is not to prevent imagination.  I told my students that there was a time to draw and color "real" and another time to use your imagination and color "pretend" with artistic abandon.  It will be harder to grasp math principles if you don\’t have the concept clear in your mind.  If your daughter knows her colors, shapes, and counting, realizing how many one, two, three is etc…and color schemes and patterns…with recognition…it isn\’t a problem.  If she doesn\’t see or discern the difference…it could be a problem later, when she learns those skills.  If she inherited your lovely artistic ability…it will express itself regardless.  Maybe you could have her do a page real, and a page pretend, when she colors.      

  2. Oops…wasn\’t finished. 
    Love and hugs,

    I’m on my way from here to there
    And visiting your Space – oh, where?
    Come visit mine, I’d like to share.
    Perhaps you’re someone who will care.
    You’ll be surprised, I do declare.
    You’re more than welcome at my lair.

  4. Awww… she\’s such a cutie patootie! Stay dry girlie, in all that rain!

  5. First of all, I must agree…your children are adorable!
    i think it\’s wonderful all the colors she uses in her artwork…
    i\’m impressed. she even stays neatly inside the lines…
    it\’s also wonderful the time you give her each day to do that with her…
    moments i am sure she will always cherish.
    have a blessed weekend.
    about the biopsy, yes i am fine. everything came back ok.
    thanks for asking.

  6. Looks like your little one i picking up the arty talents from her mum yes? Funny I was just online to write a blog called colours of life, now see what you gone and done? I have to think of something different ot write about now or they will think I am copying you.
    As far as what colours she sees, I think its great. I still never use correct colours in my artwork, just because a colour can say more about a thing than the thing can. You understand me fellow G Designer person dont you? Say you do.  
    Hugs to you and yours

    RE"when I wish I could see the world as wonderfully shaded as she does " <—- Ahhhhh .. How nice!

  8. G.
     What will her teacher say when she grows to be a renowned artist or designer>Reign her in? Oh to view things through the eyes of a child again… She is expressing her artistic self and I think it is wonderful. I\’m sure she know hers colors and what color things really are. Do not stifle her beautiful imagination, it is her expression of the way she views life.
     I\’m happy that you are all well. I wish we had your rain. It has been really dry here all summer and we still haven\’t had a significant amount of rain since fall began.. The weather has cooled off, but things are still very dry and we need a good rain..
     God bless you dear friend and your precious family.~HUGS~Marilyn~

  9. Yes….never tell her how it\’s suppose to be…..she\’ll learn that soon enough!
    I love to sit and color with my neices, of course I\’m always using the correct color and staying in the lines (I\’m too much a perfectionist to do it any other way), but I love to compare and see how much I like theirs more than mine when we\’re done! LOL
    The weather here has turned cooler than it was, a good thing, but it has been rainy and gloomy now for about 4 days straight, that\’s about 1 day over my limit! But it keeps me in the house so I can catch up with my blog friends! Yahoo!!
    I hope the Sun is shinning on you today!

  10. no.no.no..  don\’t reign in her colour choices.  One of my fav stories goes something like this – in a nut sell.  A young boy loved dto draw.  He drew wonderful pictures.  He drew green cats and purple trees.  He drew lavender waterfalls and bright red birds.  When it was time for him to start school he was so excited that he would be allowed time to draw. 
    One day his teacher told the students to take out their paper and crayons, they were going to draw pictures of flowers. This really pleased the young boy because he loved to draw flowers.  He emptied his box of all 64 colors of his Crayola collection and was ready to draw some beautiful and colorful flowers. But when everyone started to draw the teacher stopped them. She then demonstrated on the board, drawing a red flower with a green stem, and she told the class that was what they were to draw. And the young boy did.
    There was another exercise, this time with clay. The little boy thought he would shape a snake with his clay. But the teacher showed them how to make a bowl. And the young boy did.
    So it went, day after day. Red flowers with green stems. A bowl, not a snake. What the teacher demonstrated, not what the young boy\’s imagination dictated.
    The next year, the boy\’s family moved again and he was in another new school with another new teacher.  One day, she told them they were going to draw flowers, so they should take out their crayons and papers and get started.  But the young boy waited for further instructions. Finally, he asked what kind of flowers and what colors should they use.  The answer was simple: Draw any flower you want and use as many colors as you want.  When they had finished, all of the students turned in their drawings.
    And when the teacher came to the young boy\’s offering, she saw that he had drawn a red flower with a green stem.
    ….  imagination is a wonderful thing and should not be hindered. ..  I, for one, love lavender waterfalls!
    (sorry so long)
    hugs, Molly

  11. LOL…..hi Gayle!  You know I promised Greg that I was going to go to Walmart and purchase a coloring book and some crayons and start coloring in my idle time, and trust me, I do have a lot of idle time!  But I never got around to going back to that section at Walmart.  I have to put that on my "To do" list. 
    I agree with you that she will eventually learn the right color scheme of things, but in my "perfect" world, I have to say that I would let her color the things the way they should be….bananas yellow, brown faces, black or brown hair etc.
    But hey, again, she\’s just a kid having a whole lot of fun in her creative imagination!
    Girl, we need rain in the worst way here.  The weather men have even started saying that we need a hurricane!!  That\’s how bad the water situation has become her in Georgia.  Churches have even started praying for rain.  Those wonderful pictures I took at Lake Alatoona on Labor Day, you should see that lake now….almost dry, you can see the soil at the bottom of it.  Boaters had to have their boats and yacths removed, because there is absolutely no water for them to sit in.  Soon enough, they will be trucking water in from other states to help us out.   Wooooo, I feel like I\’m in Trinidad with WASA woes!!

  12. Hello Gayle — I was reading through your blog and noticed you were wondering why the 182 visits.  Thought I would tell you that I did  a search on Spaces for Autism.  My grandson Eric was diagnosed a few weeks ago and it seems I cannot get enough of other peoples experiences, thoughts and such.  I was hoping for friends with whom I can share my experiences.  Your site popped up.
    I don\’t like to visit other peoples spaces without at least saying hello if I\’ve been by.  So hello!  Very nice space you have!

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