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On trying to be positive plus a little bit of reverse bribery


Before I go onto my regular scheduled musing I thought this deserved some mention– my friend Beth has brought to my attention that Barack Obama has indeed converted to Christianity and according to Wikipedia he may have done that a long while ago. Now before I shared my thoughts on him I did check to verify his religion and all signs pointed to him being Muslim, but apparently there is a debate going around as to whether he is Muslim or not… Oh well, sorry to have gotten involved in the debate, just sharing my opinion if he is.


So back to normal stuff now:
It’s raining
it’s pouring
the old man is snoring
he bumped his head and
couldn’t get up in the morning!
have you ever noticed that alot of the nursery rhymes we grew up on have such violent undertones. This one always made me think of man who had too much to drink and fell over in his druken stupor. (maybe I have had too many drunken people around me in my lifetime)
So as you can tell it is raining again. To be honest it hasn’t stopped since the last time I wrote on the rain. It has rained everyday since but instead of being painfully consistent we have at least been able to wake up to sun in the morning and the sweet whistle of the birds outside of the window…well not so much today it has literally been raining ‘bucket a drop’ since lunchtime yesterday. All this rain has been disasterous on the washing, after about a month of rain I swear the mounds of clothing have reached to such drastic proportions that soon they would have to be named and given a space on the map of Jamaica– how does Mount Clothesmore sound? But I would not complain, because rain is good it fills up the dams and makes the place looking green and lush. And for the first time ever in it’s eight years of existence my hibiscus tree has multiple blooms, beautiful sorry no pics though! And hey we were going through a drought so I believe that we have now filled all reserves so we should be good for a bit! YEAH!! Hope Atlanta gets some of that rain that Tropical Storm Noel is throwing all over the place. Geez!
Now the reverse bribery bit:
My sweet daughter is not the best eater in the world she would rather starve than eat something that she doesn’t want to which is pretty much anything. If she had a say she would have mac and cheese and cheese sandwiches all day every day with the occasional dish of ramen noodles to spice things up. Oh and cake is always a pleaser.
Anyway I was trying to get her to eat dinner the other day and decided to use reasoning to get her to eat.
I said: Well honey you had all the things you like to eat all day- a sandwich at school, noodles for lunch so now you need to eat your chicken and rice. If you don’t eat your dinner then I will have to stop giving you all the nice things.
She says: Oh so you will give me a treat if I eat.
I said: HUH?!
She says: will I get a treat if I eat it.
I said: well if you eat it all I may!
She is only 4 yikes!! well she ate her dinner and she did get her treat!
So to those of you who do the halloween thing


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9 thoughts on “On trying to be positive plus a little bit of reverse bribery

  1. Happy Halloween!! xx

  2. Hey you…
    When I open it up private tomorrow, you\’ll see what happened. K? :o) I hope you\’ll still come see me!

  3. G,
    Now I am wondering if your daughter may want to be a lawyer when she grows up.   =)  She is an outstanding advocate for herself…lol.  
    You are welcome on the Obama info.  I am not thrilled with the "Christianity" of many of the professing candidates of either party.  Just because they say they are Christian…hasn\’t seemed to help make it any more evident in their lives…including Obama.  I just wanted you to have more information and facts to help formulate your own opinion and think being more informed helps us all.
    So glad your rain refreshed and renewed!  Have a great rest of your week with those adorable children!
    Love and hugs,

  4. Obama is Christian. 
    Thanks for stopping by!  So, let me see.  You don\’t like the rain?  You want sympathy from a Seattle guy?  SORRY!  LoL! 
    Our days have gotten so short now.  It\’s dark until after 7:00 am.  HATE this time of year.  I think ultimately I will have to move back to Colorado or someplace much sunnier.  The winters are killing me.
    Are the kids doing well?  Life doesn\’t slow down, does it? 
    Take care.

  5. Happy Halloween to you! 

  6. P.S.
    Thank you for your best wishes… and I will let you know when I do get the results back…which could be another week or so.  You know what?  I was thinking your daughter was in 5 year old kindergarten… hence my explanation about a teacher\’s view about certain skills.  A year makes quite a difference in expectations on using \’real\’ or imaginative coloring.  Sorry if I seemed like I was trying to force your baby into growing up too quickly.  I am not opposed to children expressing or using their imagination or trying to dampen the beauty of it.
    Love and hugs,

    Hey, what was the treat? I\’m thinking of coming over for dinner 🙂

    Hi G
    What are you all doing to get all that rain?  Good or bad?  Please do tell!!   We got rain for three days last week.  But it was more like light showers if you ask me.  (I\’m still thankful for it Lord).  The said it did fall in all the right places, but of course the little dent that it made towards the drought situation has already run out through the taps.  And yes the Governers are still fighting over the water.  The are currently in Washington waging a battle.
    Your kids are really special. Oh well, if a little treat after a meal gets your daughter to eat healthier, well treat it is!!

  9. your daughter id brilliant….rain is bad!!! lol. thanks for dropping by. hope you have a great day.

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