Wazhat! Wahzat!

Just book me a spot on Oprah…no Dr. Phil


    • I don’t know how to say ‘NO’
    • I think that I can do it all and without help
    • I think that I can do it better than the qualified
    • I don’t know how to ask for help
    • I would rather cut my nose off than to ask someone for money even if it is something that I am due
    • I am proud.


Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

14 thoughts on “Just book me a spot on Oprah…no Dr. Phil

  1. You are a woman, through and through. Most of us have the same darn problem. So…. when you go see Dr Phil… I\’ll go with. K? ;o)

  2. Hi Wahzat!! I learnt too difficult how to say no, once upon a time. And the other items are also very important to save the personality. Nice blog. Have a good weekend. Cheers, Zeynep xx

  3. hi\’your\’e cute

  4. Okay girl, I\’ll be sitting alongside you on Oprah, because dickens knows, I need help. Also, its funny you mentioned Nursery Rhymes in your previous blog. The other day hub and I were researching all the Rhymes my kids are reciting these days and horror of horrors, the stories behind them are terrible!  How about Ring a ring a rosie – its about the Bubonic plague and people dying.  Three blind mice?  Its about three men who refused to give up their religion and eventually the queen or whoever was in power, had their heads chopped off.  Craziness, I tell ya!Hope yr doing well!Gracia~~~

  5. Child, that make more than two of us yes.  But not Oprah or Phil nah.  They both need help right now, especially Phill, he now need to go sit on somebody\’s chair!
    I\’m working very hard on saying no!!  As for the 2nd to last one, hmmmm, major issues with me and that.  So you know what, I think saying a BIG NO, when asked will work just fine in that department.  That way, I will not have to feel bad or guilty to ask you to repay my money.

  6. Pride has many faces…some good and some bad…and you can give up or keep either kind.  I had the beginnings of an epiphany on one form of pride… in my late 30\’s.  I started to realize that I had needs too…lol.  (And that it was OK to have them and ask for help.)  I even suspected that I didn\’t know everything when I headed into my 40\’s.  😉  Now, in my 50\’s I KNOW… that I DON\’T KNOW everything… and I am even more open to learning new things…accepting help where needed…not just giving it… and enjoying life…and others… but without allowing people to take advantage of me… while still keeping to principles that I know help me to do unto others as I would have them do unto me.  G…we plug away at our own faults, forgiving ourselves…as we forgive others…and learn and grow…making corrections along the way.  Think of everything you have to look forward to!  Sending a big hug your way!    

  7. Lets disect what you just said and use it to my advantage……can you telex me some money? Would you come and do all the chores in my house, I would help you. What you wont let me help you?
    Anyway, been a while since I was around, wonderful pics as always of a beautiful family, I always say that I know but cant help it. I am a sap.
    Hugs to you and yours

  8. Saw your space from Molly\’s, nice space.Jay 🙂

  9. I wouldn\’t trust Phil and Oprah to know how to help you…I think they\’re pretty darn stubborn themselves. :)It sounds like you have Female Disease…all of us girls have it. There is no cure. Just eat some chocolate, cry a little and accept it. Hugs!

  10. ahhh they beat me too it…i was gonna for $20…lolll

  11. I think we all feel that way.  Nobody does it like we do!  But, when it fails me, I turn to a glass of red wine or a bowl of Fruity Pebbles!

  12. Hey there bloggy friend!We all struggle with those same issues.  At least, I know I do.  Saying no is hard.  Even when you\’re good at it.  Hang in there!Hope your week is going well!God bless 🙂

  13. Hi G
    I followed the ending of the election saga in Trinidad. We watched the results announcements and commentary live on trinidadexpress.com on Monday night.  As usual Trinidadians went and vote PNM again!  I was never a fan of the Patrick Mannings National Movement/PNM.  Needless to say as Damian keeps singin "PNM pee on dem"!  Whatever, they will continue to pee on the stupid people who keep going and voting "race" and not for the upliftment of the country.  Just now they will be like Guyana where they can\’t affort bread and meat!

    You don\’t know how to say \’No\’???
    Can we please date?

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