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I could be disillusioned, but I am not


Today I saw this little boy, he looked about 13-14 and he was wailing his eyes out on the side of the street. I was driving on the other side of the road when he caught my eye. What a dilemma for a fleeting moment I thought of just driving off and letting someone else handle him, but how wrong is that I would hope that if some one saw one of my children crying at the side of the road that they would at least care enough to stop and ask why the tears. So I made a U-turn and stopped by the crying boy to find out why the tears. Poor thing was pick pocketed in the bus and lost JA$1000 ( US$15). I knew it was going to be about money but it still broke my heart to see his anguish. I never have cash on me maybe because of this, because I know if I had the $1000 dollars I would have handed it over with-out blinking. I did ask him why he didn’t just go to school and of course he was like I don’t have any money, so at that point I looked in my change purse and I had some change so I asked him (still wailing by the way) how much it cost to take a bus to school and he said $30 ( .50 cents) so I put that together and said please go to school. He took the coins and counted it up and took a break in his wailing. I said ok goodbye now and drove off albeit feeling a little guilty that I couldn’t do more and then I looked into my rear view and yikes! did he in his frustration dash away my coins. Hey I could have used that $30.00 to buy a pack of chips for my son! Oh well I guess it wasn’t enough of a help.
But you know what even though I couldn’t help at least I know that I stopped and tried and I guess at the end of the day that is all you really can do!

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7 thoughts on “I could be disillusioned, but I am not

  1. You see, now I\’m really really pissed!!  Why would he do a thing like that?  Does he know about gratitude?!  We he raised by wolves or what?  OMG, how rude!  I would have made yet another U-turn and slapped his little butt!  That is one reason why I stopped giving charity to anybody on the streets.  You could have surely done like everyonelse and pass him right on by, but bless your heart for your actions.  You\’ll get your blessings.

  2. Good for you that you did stop. Even if it wasnt entirelly appreciated. I remember when I lived in a city in England stopping at night with a friend when we saw a young woman screaming to a man to leave her alone. We went to her aid dragging the guy off her to then be attacked by her for assualting her boyfriend!. Such is life and they wonder why good samaritains are a dying breed
    As always, happy happy pics. Always light up my day.
    Hugs to you and yours

  3. Well at least you stopped.  It\’s more than most people did.  Too bad most people don\’t raise their kids with manners anymore.  At least YOUR heart was in the right place.

  4. All we can do is try, eh?
    Thanks for stopping by my space and for your kind comments. 🙂  Your family is beautiful.  And I enjoyed reading your blog.  I\’ll be back to visit again soon!

    Since he had said that he was pickpocted on "the bus", I guess going to school wasn\’t on his mind that day since he got off a little too soon 🙂
    Yet, you did a good deed in stopping to check on him and see what had caused him to wail. It could have been something worse, like someone in his family was hurt or something more horrific. Good for you for stopping!

  6. You have been just far too kind in your comments. And, if your sister is half the strength of character you seem to have, she\’ll be FINE! Of this, I am quite confident. :o)
    Have a great weekend!

  7. G,
    I am standing between Fay and G on this chord of music.  I so agree that you tried to do what you could and we can\’t do more than our best at the time.  I probably would have asked if he wanted me to call his parents on my cell.  If he was adverse to that I would probably conclude he was skipping school and try to glean some more information.  I would commiserate about the stolen money.  I may have paid for his bus ride to school…but would have waited for the bus to come… and paid it that way…letting him know that he would have to get on the bus instead of me handing him money.  If he didn\’t appreciate my sincere attempt at helping him solve his predicament…then he would just have to live with his own choices and consequences in the school of hard knocks. 
    Love and hugs,

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