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Like a bird I refuse to be caged!


It must be frustrating reaching an age when you are no longer treated like adult, but rather you are bossed around as if you are 10 and a really doltish 10 year old at that!
My father-in-law turned 70 yesterday- Sunday, November 11. Unfortunately he celebrated this momentous birthday in the quiet confines of a hospital room.
You can’t make me stay here….
The normally opinionated, independent, sprightly gentleman you see  suffered a mild stroke three days ago and against his wishes has had to remain hospitalised, because even though he feels better the rest of us are not so sure. He decided to take matters into his own hands yesterday packed up his belongings, changed his clothes and headed out the door with two nurses dragging behind him. When my husband got to him he was brushing off a security guard and the two nurses because he had reached the gates (three blocks from his room by the way) and was heading out of the compound and was prepared to walk home. After some coaxing and cahjoling he went back to the hospital and His children, their spouses and his girlfriend have had him on constant vigil ever since.
Say my name why don’t ya! 🙂
Now to be honest this is all good stuff, because this means he is getting back the ole fighting spirit and very soon he will indeed be able to leave the hospital. I really dislike hospital myself so I understand how he is feeling i have been petitioning on his behalf to let him go home with a nurse. While I was doing my part of the vigil his doctor breezed in to do her rounds. A bright and bubbly woman who enthusiatically greeted and hugged him happy birthday and then proceeded to grill him with very easy question the easiest of them was ‘who is this young lady sitting here? what is her name?’ To which my father-in-law looked at her as if she was nutty and glibly says (okay I may have spelt that wrong) ‘that is my daughter-in-law and she comes from Trinidad.’ To which the Dr responds ‘oh that is lovely, but what is her name?!’ And then he renamed me ‘Eve’. LOL.
So it is safe to say a few more days under observation couldn’t hurt. We are excited by his improvement and say Thank God that it was really quite mild. Everything happens for a reason they say, because as unfortunate as it is him being in the hospital has rallied the family together and we all have been spending more time together and with him.
That said I am off now to do my sit down time at the hospital. have a great week!

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4 thoughts on “Like a bird I refuse to be caged!

  1. Wow! What tenacity he seems to have! I\’ll be praying he is well enough to be off on his own in short order…. and doesn\’t try any more hasty escapes! ;o)

  2. Hi Eve!  LOL……OMG, what is wrong with this man to think that he is good and healthy enough to say he fighting off people to leave the hospital?  He better keep his butt in there and behave eh.   Anyway, I hope with a few more days of observation he\’ll be better and would have to be held "against his wishes" in there.  I guess all of those old folks are the same, they are scared of dying in the hospital.  They always want to go home after an hour or so of being in there.

  3. Hi Eve! I could really relate with your post! My grandad is probably about 89 and he is the most independent and stubborn individual i have ever known.. i think i have his trait! 😉 He lives alone and although my dad tries to get him to stay with the family, he refuses… he would stay for night and then sneak away to go to his own apartment… he refuses anything or anyone… its worrisome but i realy sometimes i admire his passion … like ur dad he is adamant to be his own man…. here\’s a toast to your lovely dad and mine….
    Starr xx

  4. Maybe he just wants to be home alone with his girlfriend

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