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The bird has flown the coop and touching on some dirty words.


Yippee due to good behavior and a good CT scan my father-in-law got early parole. Granted he is still on house arrest (my husband took his car and we hid the van keys)  he has improved so much and looks so relaxed( well who wouldn’t in their own home). He is still having some issues with names, but his memory is strong. He is going to be great  Thank God and thanks to all of you who had him in your prayers.
Touching on some dirty words
Now I have slowly coming to realize that my daughter is going to be an interesting teenager, because boy she an interesting and intriguing 4 year old. She is indeed my little drama queen. She loves to be the centre of attention and will do what is necessary to get it. She also loves to use shock tactics and one of her favorites is saying words that she considers naughty.
I do not curse. Well not really.. on occasion i will say …s*** or call some one an a** but that is the extent and I try to never say it around the children. And I certainly don’t allow my husband to curse around them or me.. so he reserves that language for the football field or if he hanging out with the guys.
For no reason other than she thinks it is naughty she has decided that her dirty word will be ‘bottom’ so out of nowhere she will say ‘bottom, bottom, bottom’. It is usually around her father. She gets away with murder with him. We try not to react (and we have been doing very good with letting slide and keeping it calm) because that is what the books say that it is a stage and she will grow out of it and honestly bottom is just a word. Who cares if she is referring to her rear end.
But it makes you wonder why the need to use dirty words, is she getting it at school, maybe? Why is this a stage that she has to go through? And why is it that it is only the one child with this need to make up dirty words? Why is my son keeping his word clean ok so he is now finding his words, but still?
But for those of you who have been here with me for awhile you would remember she use to fixate on the word Mango. Mango Mango Mango you know what I miss Mango it is much nicer than ‘bottom’.
 (yes I know there is no point ot this entry other than to blow smoke LOL)

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9 thoughts on “The bird has flown the coop and touching on some dirty words.

  1. Hehehe, hi Eve!  Good to know that the \’FIL\’ is out of the hospital.
    Just wait until she starts saying "blood clat & bomba clat"…..lol.     I love to hear the Jamacians speak.  Cracks me up to good belly hurting!

  2. lol…. I have no answers for you. But it cracked me up that she said mango and bottom over and over. Too stinkin funny! :o)

  3. no you are not being bias… your childern are adorable…love the blog…..very funny stuff!!!

  4. G,
    So glad about your father-in-law!  Praying he will continue to do well.
    Your daughter is delightful and I like her love of vocabulary…lol.   My boys found butt a facinating word, at a certain age, when they and their friends would laugh their heads off at the mere mention of the word (including if anyone were using the other but in a sentence).  Maybe it is a male thing…lol.  I wouldn\’t make a big issue of it, letting them have their laugh, while letting them know it wasn\’t for out in the world consumption for regular vocabulary.  I was more concerned about them not adding a hyphen and head to the equasion.  I didn\’t want them running around calling each other a butt-head as I heard some neighborhood children doing.  That was a popular word combination at the time.  I encouraged them to use bottom or behind instead, when refering to that body part, so I think your daughter is quite femine and discerning.  😉 
    Love and hugs,

  5. Glad to hear that you FIL is doing so much better.  Will keep praying for him.
    I wish Conor would just being saying bottom.  He loves to say butt.  Which is my fault.  I used to tweak his little backside and say pinchie butt!  Now he loves to do that to others.  Much to my fathers dismay.   And he loves to say d*mmit, which he also heard from me when I hit my head!  We try not to react to it, figure the less interesting we make it, the faster he will lose interest in the word!  Hopefully that will work soon!  🙂

  6. Glad to hear your FIL is out of the hospital!  And just think…it could be WAY worse than "bottom" LOLGod bless 🙂

  7. Finally able to stop by.  Glad to hear our f-i-l is doing better.
    Your daughter is so funny.  I suppose you have to either ignore her or swat her bottom!  You know what is best. 
    Blessings, g

    Great news on the CT Scan!!!
    You have a "husband"? Oh s***, I didn\’t know that! LOL

  9. Half the time they dont know what the words mean when young but sometimes they use them in a funny way which is hard for me to stop from laughing out loud. Had a great one to tell but cant repeat it on here otherwise I would get into trouble for using dirty words also. Good news on your father in law. Like everyon else, will be praying for him.

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