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The other day while speaking to my younger cousin about life and being positive. I pointed out all the good things she had going for her while she struggled under the demands of her university work load. She is studying medicine at the University of the West Indies in the Mona Campus in Jamaica. I told her that she was lucky to have the experience of living in a place ableit different from her home (she is from Trinidad) is allowing her to meet new personalities and enjoy new experiences that are helping her create a new version of herself. I told her that she should rejoice in the fact that on top of having a heavily subsidised tuition her parents are comfortable enough to allow her to focus on her studies alone and not have to find work while studying. Because as I told her university is the one time that you are allowed to learn and ingest information while having fun. Yes the exams and papers are hard, but the people, the information gathered is never paralleled again. I also told her to rejoice in the fact that I, her cousin was just a phone call away and will reach to her rescue in a blink even if that simply means a little break from the book. And I think she left me that day feeling a little better about the books and her university experience and I was sooo happy that I was there.
I was reminded of our conversation today when I was feeling just like her overwhelmed with life and all the challenges that it presents. Honestly, I wonder at me and how easily I slink into depressed feelings. And then I took stock and realized that hey though things are overwhelming that is the time to take stock and look around at what is there. And through my funk I realized that today has to be the most beautiful day that I have seen in about two months. The sky was clear and the hills and mountains were most definitely defined. The road that always provokes ridiculous levels of road rage in me was car free. And if I continue to focus on the positives I have two children who are happy and healthy and safe which is something to sing about in this the flu season. So after a little prayer of thanks, the all important tv therapy and good online celebrity gossip the mood has shifted and that is good.
To all of us who are feeling happy thanks for sharing the joy and to those of us who need the cheer know that sun comes out and the rain stops. Family will fight but God is Good and we have friends on line who give jokes and laughter helps LOL.
( rambling as usual.)

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8 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. Hi Wahzat!! If you feel good, all rainy days become sunny, lol… Why you don\’t visit my space, come and look around a little if you have time. Have a good day, cheers, Zeynep xx

  2. G,
    What a wonderful cousin you are!  I just loved the encouraging advice you gave your younger cousin.  I have thought about going back to university for the sheer pleasure of being able to take classes in subjects I am interested in but never pursued.  It wouldn\’t be the same as far as the pressure, but I tend to put pressure on myself anyway, wanting the A in a course.  I will be praying for your cousin as she most certainly would have a heavy load in her field of study.
    Love and hugs,

  3. G.
       You go girl and keep that positive attitude. Our God is very GOOD and His blessings in this life are sweet and precious. No one can imitate His beauty that He surrounds us with, if only we will take the time to stop and admire it and allow it to lift us up in those down and gray times…
      Your niece is lucky to have you as her aunt and friend. I\’m sure you were a blessing to her and that in other times of feeling overwhelmed she will remember them and be thankful for your wisdom….
      God bless you my friend and your precious family.~HUGS~Marilyn~

  4. Ok–I need to learn to read entries IN ORDER because I really thought that your FIL had been arrested.
    I will try to think of the post when little Charlie is doing his late night misery thing.  HE is a big pill every night from 7:30-9:30.  My MIL thinks there\’s something wrong with him, but I suspect he\’s fighting to stay awake.

  5. Hi Wahzat!! Thanks for stopping by and comment. So you talk to plants too, and also your computer, lol, lol… When I have a trouble I shout at it like this: "Asshole! You ass! Ass!" etc, lol… Hope you are having a good day. Cheers, Zeynep xx

  6. Hi G!
    She is indeed lucky to have you that close that she can call on you or drop in, becasue a lot of folks in universities don\’t have that privilidge.  They are countries away from a familiar face!
    Have a great weekend!  My weekend starts in a few minutes……I\’m gone \’til Tuesday!

  7. You are a great person to turn to for advice.  Your opinions seem sound and loving. 
    That being said, I feel that we are friends and I would value whatever your opinion or concern.  When it comes to my babes, I\’ll do anything.  Thanks so much

  8. Hey…. what\’s the rest of the pic behind this? Who\’s hand?? I can\’t see it…. :o(
    You are a wonderful treasure to have found – I love your outlook on life. You? Depressed? Hmmmm. I love coming here, listening to you ramble. I don\’t see you as one that carries depression for long though…. just a momentary blip on your radar. That would be my guess anyway…. :o)
    Love the new colors here…. very bright and Christmas-y. :o)

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