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Here today, stay forever or maybe gone tomorrow


I am trying out a new look. I think I am going for Christmas colours it is interesting albeit quite RED!!
I have been thinking alot lately about friends and coincidentally I have read two really uplifting blogs on this same topic. One from my favourite blog haunt tysley and the other from favourite blog haunt weimie.
From a long time ago I learnt that God puts people in our lives to fulfill a reason or purpose. And when their purpose has been fulfilled then they move on. And there are people-friends who will be with you for as long as you live because that is their purpose.
I notice this when I first moved to Miami to go to college there. I moved in with an old friend and her roommate. My roommate only roomed with us for four months but within that time she was amazing with all the settling information that she shared and the friend base that she included me in. She basically showed me the workings of the school, set me up with ‘friends’ and then moved on. I also had a male friend, who in retrospect may  have been interested in being more than friends, but he was great, brilliant and fun he helped me study, we had too many quarters parties (this is this ridiculous game that is clearly designed to get all and sundry DRUNK!!) he basically helped me transition into college life and then he moved all the way to California to pursue his dream of acting (did I mention he was dreamy :)) They were both there for a reason- to help me settle in. My old friend who I moved in with in the first place is still there clearly she is stuck with me until the end LOL
I have been having to think on this again as another one of my friends plans on leaving ‘ME" …okay being silly …as another one of my friends plans to pursue her dreams outside of Jamaica. Over the last two years I have had two friends whom I have been close to and depended on for some reason or another migrate to another country. One as far away as Abu Dhabi. (I didn’t even know where that was it sounded like something out of Star Wars!)
Now I have always been slow to make friends so it has been extra sad for me losing the closeness of a friend in a land where the only family I have is my husband’s and the one that we have made together. I have found that when a friend leaves that role although altered abit is filled by someone else usually without you even noticing that it has happened.
So even though I know this all and I wish my friend all the best when she leaves, because honestly she has been dreaming about this for all the eight years that I have been in Jamaica, I still feel a bit sad, but know that it will be cool in the end.
And as we are on  friends that have moved on there are so many in blogland that have gone missing and I do miss visiting them and there are those who are there but can’t do the walk as much and I miss them too. Blogging has helped me realize that friends come in all different forms and even though they may not be here physically they are no less of a friend.
So even though I have revealed myself as self-centered , by thinking it is all about me. I am happy to have had the experience of friends who have come and gone, those who still stick by me and those who I am yet to met all who help to make it all about me LOL
Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate this holiday! Please have a piece of pumpkin pie for me.
And for my friends in Jamaica maybe I’ll make brownies 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Here today, stay forever or maybe gone tomorrow

  1. I think brownies are an excellent idea!!! LOL.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Wahzat !
    If you want to take a trip north, I\’ll have a pumpkin pie waitin\’ for ya 🙂

  3. Just because friends have moved away doesn\’t mean they\’ve out-lived their purpose.  So many of my wonderful friends live somewhere else, but I still cherish them.  Sometimes, the friendship changes and that\’s OK too.

  4. What a nice entry.  I don\’t think you are self centered as all.  It\’s always hard to "lose" friends.  I\’ve had friends for just a few months  and we\’ve become separated for various reasons and lost touch.  I\’ve always wondered the fun and good times we could have if we kept in touch.  Then of course I have my three best friends and we are all separated by thousands of miles but have remained close for over 30 years and I\’m sure we will until the last one of us is planted in the ground somewhere.I\’m sure you will make new friends!Your new photos are awesome!  The kids look great!Cheers,BH

    Gobble – Gobble – Happy Thanksgiving from Branson, Missouri U.S.A.
    I want to take this time to personally thank you for being a part of Blog Quest.
    With wonderful people in this world in which we live makes for our neighborhoods to be a better place.
    We live on this big planet, in a huge universe, but together it is a small – small world.
    Happy Holiday’s!
    All the best for you and your loved one’s…

  6. Hi Wahzat!! I like the new concept of your space.  Look at this link please: http://zeynepankara-live.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!612AF29A1928F789!4329.entry Have a nice Sunday, cheers, Zeynep xx

  7. Hi G
    Adu-where?  I myself have never heard of this place either.  Where ever it is sounds like a whole new world away. Recently I\’ve been hearing about some places that I never knew existed.  It\’s like these new places are just popping up on the globe.   Anyway, good luck to your friend and I hope she loves the new adventures and opportunities.  She\’ll be in touch.

  8. Hi Wahzat hope you dont mind us dropping by uninvited we were jusy visiting our good friend Zeynep and decided to visit some of her friends,we have enjoyed our visit here,and will call again if thats OK with you,all the best from Maida & George,

  9. G,
    Nice Christmas colors!  Appreciated your blog very much, and I do think you have something there with the idea that God\’s timing brings people into our lives, that enrich our experience, with their friendships at different times.  Thank you for your friendship, G.  You most certainly are one of those people in my life!  Have a great week ahead.
    Love and hugs,

  10. well, here\’s one friend that decided to pop her head back into blog-land. How are you? thanks for checking up on me. i\’m ok…just been tight on time, and blog-friendly content.
    I so know what you mean about friends…some are \’lifetime\’ and I do believe others serve a season. We left JA 15 years ago, and I have lived lots of places since then: Illinois, Minnesota, New York, Barbados, Italy, India and now sunny Florida. I have had friends in each place…a few I am stilll in touch with and others I never even lived in their area, but we maintain wonderful friendships that are deeper than those who surround me now.Each one is special in a different way, they each knew and understood me at a different phase. My friends in JA are probably the most long-lasting though…you know how it is when you have \’family friends\’. They know my parents, they know where I grew up, and though they may not know every dilemna I face now, I know when I go there, we pick up right where we left off.I\’m sorry you are (physically) losing your friend, but you can still cherish her even from afar…if not, there will be someone else who comes along real soon.

  11. i also believe god put people in each other life for a reason but your friends and your wonderful memories will live forever.

  12. I think you are absolutely right. I loved this blog.

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