Wazhat! Wahzat!

Don’t you just love technology!?!


Well I do!
I just spent some minutes before picking up my daughter from school window shopping with my sister.
It was wonderful!
I marvelled at the most amazing leather ottoman, a very unsuitable off-white sofa and the perfect shelving unit that I just NEEDED for my townhouse and she raved about the most delightful red and white top that she just needed to have because it was Christmas you know and oh my goodness she found the most delightful pair of pants that were a quarter of the original price, she just had to buy it in two colours come on it was a steal. 
WOW what a wonderful way to pass the time.
Now you must be wondering okay all well and good shopping with your sister what does that have to do with technology. Oh did I not mention that my sister is in Trinidad and I am still in Jamaica LOL. We had a blast window shopping and her case shopping while on our cellphones. Oh what a wonderful invention this cellphone thingy!
(And to think I couldn’t stand them when they first came out! )

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4 thoughts on “Don’t you just love technology!?!

  1. Yep… I often go shopping with my friend that lives a million miles away. We are constantly sending phone pics back and forth… or shopping online together, while chatting on IM. A wonderful invention! :o)

  2. Digi-cell, B-mobile and TSTT, rip offs which ever one you choose!   Well, don\’t talk about TSTT, that\’s a whole other talk show, king of the rip offs!!!  But yes, the cell phones are indeed a wonderful little thingy to have now.  I hated them when they first came out and everyone had them walking around like never-see-come-see…..lol!
    Oh well, have your fun anyway.  Merry Christmas, and I hope yuh getting the sorrel and ting ready!  I\’m almost done shopping, I just have to get the silly Iphone thingy for Damian and buy groceries and I\’m DONE!!  Well, I\’ll be completely done when I "put away" the house.  That will be done the week before Christmas.

  3. G,
    You must have the best phone plan imaginable!  When we retired, and moved North, we knew things would be more expensive and budgeting a must… so we invested in a good long distance plan for our regular phone.  You make me wish I had more seriously considered using a cell phone for all my calling.  I do love the technology but get a bit initmidated by it.  Our cell phones are not high in features.  I think we could text (but haven\’t) and do occasionally take a photo but that is as brave as we have been.  We mostly just call one another when we aren\’t out together and know they are there for an emergency.   Yes indeed…you have me thinking.
    Love and hugs,

  4. hahahaha…yes, i have done that many a time with my sister as well. i too was anti-cell phones when they first came out. Now neither I, nor my child can live without them!

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