Wazhat! Wahzat!

Eek it’s a ——


Little Miss Muffett sat on her tuffett
Eating her curds and whey.
Along came a spider
who sat down beside her
and frightened Miss Muffett away.

Now all of you who are afraid of bugs, cockroaches, spiders, flies and gnats I need your help on how to help my daughter through her fears of all things buggy.
Bugs don’t do anything to me, you wouldn’t find me shrieking at the sight of them. Lizards sure bugs no! I am not saying that I want them crawling all over me or jumping on me, but I am not afraid of them. Because I have bug spray and I wear shoes- pretty good weapons against such sorts. LOL
Anyway my daughter has love/hate feelings towards them. At the same time as they are fascinating her they are scaring her into shrieks.
Let me share two instances they both happen in the bathroom unfortunately:
She is sitting on the toilet and I hear her shriek "Mummy! A spider" and she is wailing. So I slowly make my way to the bathroom, because sorry I have always showed her spiders, especially the daddy-long legs because because I think they are interesting and they run away, so that she will be interested rather than afraid of them. So I said pretty that much to her…
But sweetie we like spiders (as I looked as this really big Daddy Longs making it’s way up the wall.) Look at how long his legs are! To which she responds "Oh that spider is my best friend!" (HUH?!) So well that shrieking was averted!
And then last night… once again she is shrieking literally wailing, because there is a spider in the bathroom
My response was ‘Well hurry up honey and get out of there" But her response was WAH!!!! and seem to have frozen in her spot. Now tell me how does that make sense I know she is a baby, but come on if something is frightening you would you try to get out there as fast as possible right?! Well no she was paralysed and would n’t move until the spider finidng Mummy came in and swooped her up.
This time I didn’t see any spider. But for someone who needs glasses she sure can see the tiniest possible bug.
And do you know what she said to me this morning—
Mummy! do you know what the spider was telling me yesterday? He was telling me Hello!
Ok sweetie that is nice! (giggle)
Sorry Charlotte, but  I plan to just zap all the spiders with spray, because I can’t take the drama, but I was really wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to get her pass the fear and either move away from the bug or simply but a shoe to it.
( Yeah I know I am plain cruel to the bugs LOL)
Taking a little break and going on a trip so I wouldn’t be taking the walk until next week. So everyone keep safe and keep good.
Everyone have a great weekend.

Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

19 thoughts on “Eek it’s a ——

  1. LOL….OMG, girl your daughter is a drama queen fuh real.  But I have a spider story to write too yes.  I better get started, \’casue only last night Damian and I had a lil\’ tiff with him wanting to kill my dear little friend who hangs out with in the car!  That is my friend, how you go kill \’im!  Anyway, leh meh write de story……
    Have ah good weekend!

    MSN Bloggers?
    That was email !

  3. I am not afraid of spiders or bugs or anything like that. But then I am a man, we are afraid of nothing. I just choose not to go near them because I am afraid of hurting them. Honest.

  4. G,
    Well, when I taught kindergarten I was the teacher that rounded up arachnids and insects, took my students out to LOOK for them, read books about them, explained the value of most of them, had the students color pictures, label and do art projects on them…so my student LOVED most insects and arachnids, and realized that even the "bad" once could be food for the good ones.
    May I suggest you take your little darling to buy a bug catcher container of her very own?  (Or make one)  That way you can put the spiders (or whatever) in quarantine, and observe them for a while, and  then you could let them free to go outside and elsewhere.  This will give her power over the situation, more appreciation for things she isn\’t sure of, and compassion and care for living things, that will make her feel good when she lets them go.  (Good stewardship principle) 
    Of course, there are some creatures that need to be killed for safety and health reasons.  Libraries have  lovely children\’s books on pretend and real spiders and insects especially for her age group too.   The time you spend together make some of the sweetest teachable moments .  Doing such projects with my own children were some the most special and blessed times as a parent.  Of course, I had boys…how does your son relate to spiders?    The girls in my class (and an occasional boy) got over their fear and developed a love and appreciation for them too.  Once I could see they were fine with them…I also read stories and showed pictures of the few poisonous ones so they would know which to stay away from and why.  One of my "prizes" choices in the treasure chest for earning "Fruit of the Spirit" points were bug catcher container sets.  They would go so quickly!
    I am so glad you are keeping record of the delightful comments coming from your children!  We also get to have a big smile on our faces after reading about it.  Have a lovely weekend!
    Love and hugs,

  5. Correction…bad ones

  6. Hey there… I don\’t know why some kids like bugs and aren\’t afraid of them and some are.  My daughter has never been scared of them and will go up to them and pick them up.  I have to watch her in the Summertime that she doesn\’t go over and pick something up that she shouldn\’t.  She mostly finds frogs and worms!  Kids are funny aren\’t they?
    Hugs – Tiffany

  7. G,
       I agree with Beths very wise and loving suggestions. When we help our children and in my case grandchildren to cultivate healthy attitudes about their fears, through learning and understand that which they fear, we are helping them to establish healthy learning and coping skills. I went through this with Collin (my grandson) several months ago about thunderstorms. He was pertrified of them. Now when we have a really severe thunderstorm we sing (this takes his mind off the noise around him and calms him) and when the lights go out he has his own flashlight (this gives him a sense of control). He is not completely over this fear but now that he feels that he has some control he is not as skiddish as he was. I need to find some really great childrens books on this subject and do as Beth suggested about creating a special bonding time. I hope one day he will enjoy and love thunderstorms as much as I do.
       God bless you and your precious family my friend~HUGS~Marilyn~

  8. try putting the spider in a jar with small holes in the lid and tell her that  it\’s her new pet n she has to feed it flies lol no really she will overcome her fears as she gets older. myslf i used to b scared of the blighters but now i believe if you want to live and thrive let a spider run alive……. nita

  9. My husband taught me to love spiders–he just explained that the eat all the other bugs.  Suddenly, I could see how we were on the same team. 

  10. isnt it so funny how all or should I say most little kids have such encounters with spiders and bugs? my little nephew is absolutely terrified of bugs he wont even get in the car if he thinks there is a fly in there with him hehehe…
    YOur kids are too cute
    many blessigns

  11. Ha! Too funny….I say keep her out of the bathroom! 😉
    I too have a Love/Hate thing with spiders and most other bugs. There are some weird looking things here I\’ll tell you that much. But I usually just let them go on their way…..and sometimes I just kill them. I guess it depends on my mood! LOL
    It was 6 degrees this morning…..these are the times I really envy you!
    Thanks for the hug on my last post…..we all need them once in awhile, don\’t we?
    Hugs to you and yours,

  12. Stopped by to say "Hey there!" and let you know I just loved the pictures of your children with the lights.  That wonderful look on their faces!

  13. My Linz is fearful of many things but she loves spiders and snakes.  You cannot win! 

  14. Just dropping by to say hi. You think you will get snow this Christmas???? 
    Hugs and love to you all

  15. I am not afraid of most bugs…spiders don\’t bother me at all. Camel back crickets, however, freak me out. I don\’t know what it is, and I think they are mainly southern bugs…so I\’m stuck with them forever! lol
    I have no advice…sorry. My son is deathly afraid of dogs, and I have no idea how to help him either. Kids are weird…lol.

  16. I\’m with your daughter.  Spiders scare me!  Any bug with too many legs is just not my bag.  You should see me trying to kill spiders.  It takes me forever to work up the courage and do the deadly deed.  Please, just leave me alone spider.  And daddy long legs are the worse because my parent\’s tell me it\’s bad luck to kill them.  Ahhh!  The guilt!  -T

  17. Hmmm, like you real busy buying curtains and sorrel and ting girl.  Ah not hearing from you at all!  Hope you\’re having fun!

  18. Hello! Try the old version movie of "Charlette\’s Web" then use some sites like discovery, etc.  to educate her about our little crawler friends. Our fears are things that we draw uneducated conclusions about. If you read my page regarding "ONE LOVE", you know my disposition on this. My daughter was the same way, so we started learning all the facinating things that there is to know about bugs and how we co-exsist along with in our world. It\’s a two fold solution! God bless and happy holidays!

  19. Hi!
    Just discovered your blog and found this entry fascinating as I am a psychotherapist and work with individuals with anxieties.  I was especially interested in the fact that your daughter is both intrigued by and scared of spiders.  After an incident where she\’s been scared, have you asked her what is scary about that time? Maybe she has been told something that\’s wrong and scary about spiders.  Then reassurance and re-education may be all she needs.
    Basically any other approach to reduce anxiety about something involves exposure to the feared item.  This can start by first helping her learn some way of relaxation she can use when she sees a spider.  Then she is gradually  exposed to pictures, movies, toys and books with spiders until she can be not anxious, if not relaxed, when confronted by one.
    On the other hand, if a spider said hello to me, I\’d probably freak out, too! LOL.  Good luck.

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