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Adding some new Christmas Traditions


This Christmas is turning out a little different for me.
So far I have dabbled…. what am I saying I plunged feet first into some Christmas traditions that I normally shy far away from. All within this weekend and this week
Christmas Treats in Jamaica are big things. They are in essence parties or socials where little tokens or treats are given out if children are involved. And I found myself hosting one with a friend for the support group that we both run. WOW my head is still spinning from all it took to plan this event for over 60 people. I want to say never again too much stress but to be honest already organising next years event in my head. It was really quite gratifying to see everyone have a good time.
Volunteering at a soup kitchen.
The catholic church, that I go to, runs a soup kitchen and today they had their special christmas luncheon for the regular patrons. And I volunteered. It was interesting, intense and just a teensy bit scary. I served food and packaged gift care packages with my handbag tightly clasped under my arm. Two and a half hours later and I am very tired and wired, but once again i will probably do it again next year because I felt good doing it… but i think I would leave my bag at home next time.
A pastelles making lime
For the almost nine years of living in Jamaica I never once thought to indulge in the very Trinidadian tradition of making pastelles. Pastelles are ….I guess the best way to describe them are like small polenta (cornmeal) patties filled with spicy grounded meat. Christmas is not Christmas in Trinidad & Tobago without out ham, turkey, a cold glass of ponche de creme (Trinidadian Egg nog) and a hot and steaming pastelle. This weekend along with three other Trinidadians (Trinis) I ventured into the joys of pastelles making. It was actually good fun. We all had a good laugh when we realized that even though we are all pushing 40, this was the first time ever that we were making this treat without our ‘Mummys’ –feel sorry for us?! Well the lime was good and the pastelles came out great. And we even had a glass of Ponche de Creme to really start the Christmas season off and yes this is another thing I will be doing again.
Hope your Christmas season is turning out great so far, hopefully like me you are venturing in some new traditions

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5 thoughts on “Adding some new Christmas Traditions

  1. Yikes!!  You\’re really in the thick of things this year!  I was thinking of volunteering on Christmas Day with my church group at Hosea Feed The Hungry, but I changed my mind.  Maybe next year.
    Would you believe that being trini I have never in my life eaten a pastelle?  I just don\’t like beef, and most people make it with beef.  Only recently I see people making it with chicken.  So when I go home for next Christmas I\’ll try a chicken pastelle.  Me and the ponche de creme, that is a whole other talk show.  I will be drunk and falling down all over the place just smelling that thing!! Trini Christmas is truly de best yes!!
    Have fun and do enjoy your Christmas!!

  2.  May I suggest a fanny pouch for essentials, or an outfit with plenty of pockets,  when you go to the soup kitchen next year.  Can already tell I would love the Pastelles!  Your traditions and additions sound lovely.  May you and your dear family have a blessed and wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  3. Sounds like you are truly getting into the spirit of Christmas. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas with your family and friends.

    Very interesting, Gayle! I enjoyed learning of these.
    Here\’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  5. Adding some new Christmas Traditions | Wazhat! Wahzat!

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