Wazhat! Wahzat!

Happy New Year Everyone!


WOW! Another year has ended and to be honest I really don’t know how come it sped by so fast! All I know that amidst the blur of the days it was a year full of changes, challenges and triumphs. My children have both grown a few inches and a lot of those changes happened to them. New schools, teachers and friends. I think there was laughter and I am sure there was hugs, but most of all there was love! Well I didn’t win the lotto this year 2007, but as I wished and prayed for we do have conversation! Honestly, I think everyone should stand up and applaud my sweet boy, because you know what we can conversate now! YIPEE!! God knows he gets standing ovations from me every day albeit it has to be mental because we don’t to freak him out with the noise LOL!

So what is my wish for 2008 it is pretty simple this year I wish for a year filled with laugher, happiness, and joy. One that is filled with moments to share with my family and friends. And of course if I happen to win the Lotto this year that will be good too LOL

What I wish for myself I wish for you all.

Happy New Year every one! See you next year

 (LOL yes I fancy myself a comedian )


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11 thoughts on “Happy New Year Everyone!

  1. Blessings in the New Year.  I pray for more sweet conversations with your little guy.  I know how beautiful it is!  Despite the difficulties you can still look at the best and see all the joy…that is awesome! 

  2. what a wonderful gift – the gift of conversation – how sad that so many of us take it for granted.  One of the best thank you notes I ever received was from a mom who had twins who were not talking when I started working with them.  When the time came for me to leave – because they then had enough words to share what they needed and wanted .. the mom wrote "thank you for helping my boys find their words" – it melted my heart and still does today when ever I come across it in my memory box.  … words…  who would have known?  *smile* 
    Happy happy new year to you and your darling family.  May your sons continue to grow and challange you with their love, their words, and their adventures … may 2008 be a wonderful and wonder .. full year.
    big hugs & love,

  3. Hehehehe!  Happy New Year G!  Just keep praying and trusting the good Lord and He will bring all good and positive things to being for Adam. 
    Hopefully I\’ll win the lotto too, so that we dock our yacths next to each other somewhere off the coast of Mexico or France and chat while we sip on something chilled and bubbly and watch the kids ride wave runners in the ocean!!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year!!  I hope you\’ve had a fantastic holiday season.  It\’s back to the grind for me…and I\’m sure this year will fly by just as quickly as 2007.

  5. So glad to see that your Christmas was all you hoped for your kids are just adorable as usual 😀 and I hope all your wishes come true for the year 2008. Love to you and yours from me and ours

  6. Happy New Year!  I wish I was there where it\’s warm and beautiful.  It\’s cold here and I\’m ready for Spring for everything to start blooming.  I hate when all of the leaves are gone and the grass is brown.  It\’s depressing!  But, with the Spring comes the baby and that will be exciting as well!
    Big Hugs to you!

  7. G,
    Ditto to you on all the wonderful HAPPY NEW YEAR WISHES!  Big applause to both of your children for how they have had  a great year and brought much laughter and love to us all… and especially their mommy…lol.
    Love and hugs,

  8. Look at you in the times being featured today!!  Congrats!  I know all the celebs…..
    But why I do have the feeling that you don\’t even know that you are being featured today?  Oh well, that\’s how celebs do it anyway, they get nominated for the awards and don\’t even know!

  9. Happy New Year. I wish you all the best in 2008.

  10. Congrats on yet another feature:)  And happy, happy new year to you and yours!  -T 

  11. Saw your space listed on the Spaces home page and thought I would drop by.  Keep doing what you are doing because I believe it goes like this "For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it." 
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