Wazhat! Wahzat!

Ok I am up already!!!! ARGHH


Today I decided to give into the cold that has been trying to take over my life and my voice for the last week or so! Albeit the husky whisper that my voice has been tranformed into is so much more interesting and sexy than the squeaky chipmunk interpretation that I normally have. LOL! So I downed some heavy duty cough medicine that works everytime and always always knocks me into drowsy land and got my self snuggled under the comforters. yes I am feeling cold too in Jamaica! And as I felt the drowsy start to steal over me the neighbour’s workmen start in on their drilling! ARGHHH there is nothing worst than that the brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnrrrrrrrrrrnnn constantly booming in my drowsy head. So now not only am I still coughing but now I have a headache from all the noise. Do you think if I was to reach for an elephant gun and blasted the drill, or whatever the noise making machine is, they would be upset?!!
Just wondering!
(Don’t worry I don’t own an elephant gun, my father may have one but he is all the way in Trinidad and by the way what exactly is an elephant gun? It was something my father was fond of saying when I was younger!)

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4 thoughts on “Ok I am up already!!!! ARGHH

  1. Girl behave yuhself eh, what cold you could feel cold in Jamaica?!  Please!  Get some bush for that cold, you\’re a trini, you must know some good bush medicine to take for that…lol!
    As for the elephant gun, he must be talking \’bout ah shot gun….lol, I dunno!   Go take the drill and start it and run them down with like a mad lady.  Bet they\’ll stop making the blasted noise!  LOL!!
    Take care girl, feel better soon!

  2. You don\’t need a gun …. just a big pair of wire pliers (with rubber grip handles) and some stealth crawling action… sneak over and accidentally-on-purpose snip the electrical cord right in two …. then crawl back FAST!!!!!!!!!!! You\’ll be snuggled back under the covers before anyone thinks to check the other end of the cord!
    hehehe  :oD

  3. Are you feeling better yet? I hate hearing about when people are feeling sick…..I just feel bad for them. I know I hate it and will avoid it to most all costs. But I have it easier than most, no kids. And yes, they are little germ carriers! LOL I say that with pure and honest love for all of them. The best thing is rest and I know that isn\’t coming easily to you right now, hopefully you have been able to get better.
    Have you guys taken down Christmas yet? You know, I love the holidays, but I also love to take everything down and start the New Year fresh. It\’s almost like a cleansing…..I think so anyway! Ha!
    Take Care,

  4. I feel pretty puny myself…my voice is deeper, but I don\’t think it\’s any sexier…lol. I hope you feel better soon!!By the way…my Christmas tree is still up. I\’m ashamed of myself. hehe

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