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Feeling a little out of sorts


Last night I had the strangest dream — I lost my son!
 In Disney World no less.
My ‘super independent’ son rushed off and before I knew it I couldn’t find him anyway. I spent the entire dream rushing in and out of stores?! Yeah apparently in my dream Disney World has a mall just before the rides. I even met up with my friend’s mother who of course didn’t see him. Fortunately I found him in the end of this dream so it was a relief. I guess! I woke with my heart in my mouth and in a foul mood.
This is the second time I have dreamt a version of this dream and suffice it to say I am feeling a bit freaked. In the first dream I was also in Florida, but I didn’t find him. What does it mean! Why am I always losing my son in my dreams. I am always supervigilant in real life. I don’t think I am anxious about him… he is doing great! So maybe I am just anxious!
Pout I prefer to dream about cliffs and ladders… I am afraid of heights so when I am really anxious I usually dream about not being able to having climb one or the other- pretty terrifying stuff! But I think I will take those any day! Pout
So I welcome anyone with dream reading capabilities to feel free to analyze away! LOL!
Have a good week!
(so in the spirit of being out of sorts I thought to brighten things up a bit and made some changes… it worked a bit :))

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8 thoughts on “Feeling a little out of sorts

  1. As a Pisces I should know a bit about dreams but I can never remember mine. Your recurring dreams is probably just that… a dream, I wouldn\’t try to fret too much over it. 🙂

  2. I don\’t know about the dream – but I\’m sure its scary to think of losing him! Maybe you best stay out of Florida!
    I see Christmas colors are all gone now. :o( Oh well, all things must come to an end, huh? You kiddos are gorgeous in the pics! Looks like they are having fun…. and it brightened my mood to see green grass. Ours is all brown and icky.
    Thanks for that!

  3. Dreams are scary things, but in the end just dreams and you are a fantastic mother and would never let anything happen to your children. I hope that you are having a great day!

  4. The pink looks great, G!  As to the dreams…my opinion is…they reflect our concerns…that get acted out in dreams.  Pretty simple and some would say boring.  Just think how people make money off of this subject, whether in books or going to professionals to find out what they could mean.  "Snake oil" salesman have become quite sophisticated in this day and age. 
    I had similar dreams when I was raising my children.  I think you are a loving and diligent mother that wants the best for her children and will do what is necessary to provide it.
    Speculating can be interesting and fun though.    😉  
    Thank you for being and sharing yourself here on LS.  Your friendship, blogs, and comments, when you visit, are deeply appreciated!
    Love and hugs,

  5. P.S.
    Loved the latest pictures you put up of your children.  "Sheer joy" is so apt!

  6. Hmmmmm?!?!   I haven\’t got a clue about interperating dreams.  No help here at all!  But maybe, the dream\’s telling you it\’s time to take the kids to Disney!  Well maybe Disney Japan or California, not Florida!  I dunno, my "Ms Cleo" sense say so….lol!  Oh well, I\’m glad that he\’s doing fine and not lost in reality.
    I say don\’t sweat it.  Just keep doing what you do best, protect him!

  7. G.
        I know it\’s overwhelming and frightening when we have dreams such as these about our children, but I think it is just the product of a loving, caring, diligent, and nuturing mom…. I had dreams about my children as they were growing up that where very frightful, but all my children are grown and well. As moms I think we become over anxious about our children and their well being, thus stressing us out and carrying over into our dream world….
        Love the happy bright look of your space…. Good job….
        May God richly bless you sweet friend and your precious family and give you peace concerning your dreams.~HUGE~HUGS~Marilyn~ 

  8. I\’m no dream reader, but I have awoken at times with the feeling that my dream was so real.  It\’s pretty scary.  My guess is you are just having some concerns for your son and how he is doing.  Don\’t worry so much.  Do something relaxing before you go to bed and maybe you won\’t have such scary dreams!  😉

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