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Looking on the bright side and taking time to giggle!


Today while sitting in traffic I was amazed, shocked and dumbfounded to see a guy walking alongside the cars hands properly clothed in a pair of black woollen GLOVES!!! Holding a few more pairs of gloves of which he was trying to sell to us the people sitting in the cars! Not gardening gloves or plastic gloves BUT woollen gloves that are used to ward off the cold
Now as you may remember I live in Jamaica where it never gets colder than 70 degrees well maybe at night 60, but so not glove-wearing weather.
Definitely hilariously peculiar.
I wonder if he got any buyers LOL! There is talk of a cold front passing through this weekend LOL!
Well my household is still not fever free or cough free for that matter, but the temps are closer to normal and the spirits are soaring high. So I am optimistic. Maybe I can get some uninterrupted sleep soon.
Children are certainly resilient and very spunky. Mine certainly are.
Before all this viral nonsense. I was so tickled with the message I learnt from my children at their sports day. They are both shining examples that the end result is not nearly as exciting as the race it’s self. They enjoyed themselves immensely and as far as they were concerned they won all of their races. They make me so proud. Maybe later their father would teach them the joy of coming in first, but for now I am happy that they are just entering and enjoying the race.
I will share with you a little of their joy at sports day. Don’t you just love their beams.
(teehee she actually came second in this race.
(Seems I don’t have many closeups of my son, I have a video of my son’s exuberance, but can’t figure out how to add it.)

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9 thoughts on “Looking on the bright side and taking time to giggle!

  1. G,
    Wonderful, sweet, and memory preserving pictures.  JOY is the word.

  2. So so cute…. I am so glad they are on the mend!
    You can upload the video to a YouTube account you create and then it will give you an "embed" code that you copy and paste into the "Embed video" box you see at the bottom of your post page when you are writing one. There might be a simpler way but that\’s how I do it. :o)

  3. wishing we had shorts weather here…
    *~* :o) everyone smiles in the same language… :o) *~*

  4. We\’re fever free but not cough free.  That looks like such fun!!  Now that Conor is feeling better he can go to the park again, finally

  5. How does one get a fever in plus 70 degrees?? perhaps you should have bought the gloves after all :PlolI will be making a splash in the Spaces Scene soon – the countdown has begun 🙂

  6. LOL, who he tief them gloves from?  Poor thing, he probably just got deported too, you never know…lol!
    Oh my, little missy had too much fun, look at teeth!  She\’s too happy with her 2nd place!  And little mister with his powerful stride!  They are too sweet!

  7. Such cutie pies you have there.
    Gloves?  In Jamaica??  LOL

  8. You have such cute kids! I hope that everyone is on the mend!

  9. Sorry I haven\’t been by.  Life!  I see by your book list that you must have someone you love who is autistic.  I am wondering if my granddaughter might be exhibiting a few signs.  Any thoughts?  gail

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