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Easter Memories


I Love Easter:
Easter has always been one of my favourite holidays right up there with Christmas, and although I have been known to forgo going to church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday to spend those days at the beach, I love the fact that the 40 days of lent have ended with THE Resurrection of Jesus. (That’s what you get when you have a father who’s a lay minister in the Catholic church and a mother studying to be a church in the Anglican church.) I also get into the commercialism of it as well. I think the bunnies and chicks are cute. (albeit silly) I do stay away from the chocolate though.
Easter Memories:
When I was younger Easter weekend was usually the time that my mother would take a leave of abscence. She would go off and leave us four with my step-father. It was during this time that we would realize that hey the stepfather was really quite nice and could be quite funny. He was no longer the grumpy, overly strict man who forced us to use our knives and forks when all we wanted to do was pick up those juicy drumsticks with our fingers (hey we were all under the age of 11) or glared at us when we were overcome by the giggles. This man gave us easter baskets filled with chocolate bunnies, candied eggs and stuffed bunnies. And joined in on the giggles. Good times.
New Easter traditions
This Easter weekend was relaxing while being filled with good family/friend moments. Yes, this year as well I went to the beach on Good Friday instead of going to the Church. I did go to church on Sunday though and was glad I did. My children took part in two Easter egg hunts got excited about their loot and then promptly forgot about it as they ran off to play with friends, which was fortunate, because I promptly gave the candy all away LOL.
Who’s holding who back:
I took the children to see their first movie at the cinema on Easter Sunday.
I was worried that they would be afraid of the dark, that the crowds of people would scare them, that they would throw a tantrum, that they would fidget and get bored, that they….. you name it I thought of it. What I never thought of was that they would enjoy the whole experience immensely. Not a shriek, not a fidget just two children eating popcorn and soaking in a good movie! Wow I felt a tear welling up <<sniffle>> They make my heart swell. teehee!
Keep good

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5 thoughts on “Easter Memories

  1. mmmmmmm…now i want popcorn…
    *~* :o) a smile is a universal welcome… :o) *~*

  2. I want to go to a movie too… =)

  3. I love Easter too!  There is something about it.  Maybe the whole second chance thing of knowing that He Lives!  And the sweetness of Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, and little boys and girls strutting their Easter best.  It was tough celebrating with so much snow up here this year.  I wish I had been with you on the beach.  Sigh.  Take care!  -T

  4. Oh girl, Easter was all about dressing up for me.  With the pretty dress, shoes, hat and gloves!  You know I like to dress up, so I looked forward to any holiday that would bring me some new "dandan" so that I could flam mehself!  The egg hunts and kite flying was always a wonderful event for me too.  We would usually skip going to the beach around Easter time, because for some reason the seas are always crazy rough EVERY Easter weekend, without failure!
    Girl, you need to stop underestimating those kids.  I\’m glad that they enjoyed the popcorn and movie. 
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend

  5. Really enjoyed your recent goings on at church and with your children.  Reading your childhood recollections was a blessing too.

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