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A good movie and Barbara Streisand!


I have always been a big Barbara Streisand fan. ( So I have at least one thing in common with Rosie O’Donnell! <<giggle>>) I think have seen everything that she has acted in at least twice if not more LOL
Suffice it to say I have just finished watching "The Way we Were" on Oxygen for what seemed like the first time…. okay so this might be the fifth time I have seen this particular movie, but it felt like the first because it seemed new and just like the first time I wailed at the ending. LOL
Why do I like this movie…. hmmm well it has all the elements that I tend to love about certain movies.
I love strong women… so I tend to gravitate to women that portray those type of  women. Barbs is one for sure, Sally Fields, Angela Bassett, Shirley Maclaine, Drew Barrymore (yeah I know), Kathy Bates. There may be more but I can’t think of the names right now.
I love a passionate love story. The type of passion that lives through the times. Gets me everytime.
And a to be honest I love mush and laughter and I got that from this one. Plus it is classic.
But don’t take my word on it give it a look if it ever comes on a station you watch!
Me now I am looking forward to Sex and the City THe movie ( no it has not been released as yet in Jamaica.) See has all the important elements. I am so excited !.
Have a great week!

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6 thoughts on “A good movie and Barbara Streisand!

  1. Oh dear you!  That movie is as old as the freeking hills, but hey, whatever floats your boat, enjoy it!
    Girrrrrrrrrrl, Sex and the city was all the rave here last weekend!  Movie theaters were sold out in advance for the viewing, and everywhere and everything was sex and the city!  I have never watched a single episode of that silly show, so I\’m just not bubbling over it.
    Enjoy the rest of the week!

  2. Have watched it a few times myself, G.  I like her theme song for it, too.  Streisand is an excellent actress, as well as singer, although I don\’t think we would get along well on a personal level.   
    As I don\’t expect to have a personal friendship with her…we will both live through that loss.  😉 
    Thanks for stopping by.  Your visits are a blessing.

    Oh, I\’m glad you mentioned this film. I "can\’t remember" seeing it, but just read up on it after seeing your blog and need to add it to my Queue. Besides the two great actors you already mentioned, I see that it was directed by Sydney Pollack, who I admired immensely (he just died two weeks ago). And I also read the film netted Oscars for Best Song and Best Original Score.

  4. I LOVE that movie.  I like Babs too.  I should buy that one.  Thanks for the reminder.  Hope all is well:)  -T

  5. I have never seen this movie. But I am a guy and should only admit to watching Bruce Willis and Kung fu films right?
    Sex and the city is just out here and someone told me they cried all the way through. I asked if it was because they thought the movie wasnt worth the entrance fee. They kinda blank me now, not sure why.
    Have a romantic weekend

  6. I love that movie too… although… I agree with another commenter – it IS old as the hills! lol   But, it\’s timeless!
    Hope you are doing well… long time, no see. :o)

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