Wazhat! Wahzat!

Boys will be Boys right?!


The last few weeks have been epic! I am exhausted just looking back at it. Each part seems to be deserving their own title.

"Boys will be boys?"

My son has recently delighted in his new found confidence of slipping in the pool… in his mind he is jumping into the pool… and it was on one of those slips that I think He slipped on the side of the pool and left a big chunk of his permanent front tooth behind. I experienced instant panic when I realized that his newly grown, though still too big, teeth were not only broken, but was shaking and bleeding. This led to a rounds of dentist as my sweet boy refused to sit still while they tried to prod and poke his already aching tooth. Sigh I am sorry to say that I did become unhinged with the last dentist and threatened the rude man with bodily harm if he didn’t cease from touching my son when he attempted to ‘splint his teeth’ with braces wire.

Sorry Dory present company aside, but I don’t like dentists.

Luckily when we returned to the original dentist the shaking and bleeding had stopped and my son now only needs his teeth to be filed down. Heavily sedated I hope. He though still complains of some pain is in great spirit and enjoys showing off his slightly longer, oh so chipped front tooth.

Words can’t describe the distress that I went through, so I wouldn’t go through it again. From the experience though I see that I do have a lot in common with a mother bear. Don’t mess with me, because I roar! I’ll cry after, but I will definitely ROAR when it is needed!

"Part-time?! BIG MISTAKE? Still up for decision."

Well as some of you may remember I started working part-time at my old ad agency in February. Why you may ask and to be honest I have been asking that of myself ALOT these past few weeks. Well I was bored! I need some stimulation and I missed the interaction with my old colleagues. Suffice it to say though I have been more full time than part time and I am basically running my self ragged trying to do my real full time job ( drive about Mum) with this part-time job.

Sigh I fear that I made a mistake and some days I wish I could take it back. But I feel foolish admitting that I want to leave again. SIGH, but on the plus side I have learned alot from the young people that work there. Delegating is not one of my strong suits and boy do they know how to do that. I have been taking pointers. They also don’t take alot personally. Me though still working at it.

I had the world’s best cheese cake today!!! The fact that it was a peace offering almost made me miss it.

I was so annoyed and was ready to toss it, but Thank GOD I didn’t because it was LOVELY and definitely made me feel peaceful and all forgiving LOL.

"Chinese invasion"

My son is fascinated with our Chinese neighbours. He follows this one guy everywhere he goes, I swear if he had a camera my son would give the paparazzi a run for their money. Anyway because of his close observation of our chinese neighbour, my son has taken to ‘speaking in chinese’ when the neighbour is around….actually at every opportunity he breaks out in chinese. Drives me nutty and confuses the poor Chinese man he follows. ( Oh you do remember that my son is still trying to get a handle on his English words) My children are really very interesting LOL!

"Obama’s Country "

Well most of you know my view on Obama already so I wouldn’t go into it again (whether it be right or wrong.) BUT!!! I have to say that it is very exciting the possibility of a Black US President! Cool! And the fact that he is easy on the eye really doesn’t hurt.

Oh the issues… I can’t comment on that I am not from the US! 🙂

"The Loss of the internet!"

Our modem slowly and quietly laid down and died recently… did we give it a proper burial uhhhh NOPE we still have it laying around. We have been without consistent internet for about 2 weeks. Maddening! This along with the hectic work life that I acquired explains the lack of blogging and blogwalking on my part. Of course some of my people have gone missing and that makes me sad, but hey I guess that is part of life as a blog walker. Sigh.. I am happy though that some missing friends are no longer missing and that my faves are still there when I need them.

Oh we got a new modem and a wireless router so we are now quite connected teehee 🙂

"2 years and counting"

Somewhere in the busyness I reached a two year milesotne on Spaces. 2 years… is that something cool!

"Happy go lucky with a pair of scissors!"

I got a little stir crazy over the weekend and now I have this VERY short assymetrical number on my head that though it has been seven days still startles me when I catch a glimpse of it in a mirror or reflective surface.

I think I like it….and hair grows right?!


WOW see what happens when you don’t put your thought down some where you end up rambling in blogland.

So I hope everyone has a great weekend and I would leave you with this.. There is nothing so wonderful like shiny new shoes with your favourite character on it and the bright smile that comes with it.

I swear she was ready to sleep with them on. 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Boys will be Boys right?!

  1. well you have had lot\’s going on for sure…glad you had time to update…♥~♥ :oD the shortest distance between two people is a smile… :oD ♥~♥

  2. Oh dear poor Adam.  Well a little filing will certainly do the trick.  I had to have my front tooth filed and filled last year after I chipped it biting on raw rice!  Grrrrrrr!!
    Give the job a few months again.  I know it may be hectic having to deal with the kids and all, but it will take you mind away from "kiddy" stuff for a few hours of the day.  Besides, the extra dollars sure will come in handy too.
    LOL….chinese?!  What is wrong with that child?  OMG, he is too much!  Oh well, it\’s always good to know a second language, besides that, you know for sure that the chinese man can\’t speak bad about you in chinese, because your son will be able to translate…lol!
    Yep, this is Obama country!  Obama, Obama, Obama!!!  I only I could vote.
    My internet service was out for a few days last week too.  They were doing upgrades.  I was like a fish out of water without it.
    Happy 2nd spaces b\’day!  I think, I\’m going on 3!
    Dora the explorer!  Wow, I swear your kids are too much!  LOL!
    Have a wonderful week!

  3. It is me! I\’m so glad you found me…I\’ve lost contact with so many of my blog friends because I had to delete my old space. Ugh, I hate that your part time job has basically become full time. That\’s frustrating!~Kelly

  4. The pictures of your children cheered me tremendously…with their beaming smiles…for their different reasons.  Your son\’s tooth should look back to normal once it is filed and I like how he is currently wearing it as a badge of honor…so cute.  The "Dora" sneakers look divine on those happy feet.
    I hope you get a break on your work schedule.  Congratulations on your 2 year blogging anniversary!  Also… that your computer is up and running properly again…and that you had some time to blog…which makes those of us on this end very happy.

  5. Ohhhh… so that\’s what the reference to the *tooth filing* was all about in that most recent post! Poor thing… very traumatic for a little guy like him. :o(

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