Wazhat! Wahzat!

I can write a calypso


Did you hear my scream!
Come on you must have I swear it resonated like a sonic boom.
What caused such a shrill scream you may be wondering !
Well it is because A Lizard jumped unto my shoulder!
Aaaaahhhhhhahhahhhhhh a nasty, stinky beady eyed croaking lizard/wood slave/geeko ( you choose a name) leaped off the ceiling and landed square onto my unsuspecting shoulder… I shall say it again AAAAHHHHHAHAAAAHHHHH
Sorry Beth, but I despise lizards they crawl my blood and to have one of those slimy looking ones touching me is enough to make me hurl.
The shock of the bump on my shoulder and then to look around and make eye contact with those beady eyes totally freaked me out.
Luckily, I shook it off because anyone in the Caribbean knows about the stories about those type of lizards that stick on for an hour or 24 hours and of course in the split second that the lizard used me for a landing pad I certainly recalled every single one. Needless to say I have been saying Praise and thank you that I had on a long sleeve shirt and didn’t really have to feel the ick of the lizard and that it jumped off when I jumped up.
Even though it has been well over an hour since it happened, I swear I still feel the imprint of the lizard on my shoulder.
I feel sick. ( Oh this lizard lives behind the mirror and clearly has no respect for his neighbour…me)
Anyway I survived to tell the tale so that is good for something. And if I was a calypsonian I would have material for a calypso. Sparrow did it why not me 🙂
Update on my week:
I took my son to get his tooth filed down and it wasn’t a great experience, but it wasn’t that bad and though I was hoping that the dentist will go down more on the tooth at least it is no longer cutting into his bottom lip.
The children were at home so that meant i didn’t have to deal with the traffic or get up early so all in all a good week 🙂
Hope everyone is enjoying their 4th of July weekend. Me I am trying to stay far away from that lizard.

Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

7 thoughts on “I can write a calypso

  1. "de lizard run up she foot and it disappear, everybody keep searching everywhere!  Where de lizard, teacher Mildred, under she dress, taking ah rest, de way she jolly and happy, ah sure de lizard mus\’ be ticklin\’ she!!!"   LOL…. ah know Sparrow Lizard song girl!!!
    Ewwwww!!!  Ah go-cho, the ugly pink one?!   Well I\’m glad he didn\’t \’stick\’!  I sure do know the horror stories about those nasty lizards sticking to your sking for 24 hours.  Yes, that\’s their favorite place to live, behind mirrors and pictures!  
    Glad that sonny bunny got that tooth fixed!
    I just came from what was a silly attempt to get into Stone Mountain Park to see the fire works display.  Two words – TOTAL CHOAS!!  Girl, the park was packed to capacity, they closed off all roads leading into the park, traffic was a nightmare and people were driving like asses!  So I drove my investment back home and safely parked it up!!  From my bedroom, I can still hear  the fireworks at Stone Mountain Park, but I can\’t see it!  All in all, it was a restful day!

  2. So cool Fay that you remember the words correctly

  3. LOL!!  Girl, who could forget the real classics?!  Not the crap that Iwer singing!!

  4. Oh, let me scream with you!  AHHHHHHHH!!!!  Eeeeeeew!!!!  UGH!  I would have fainted dead away.  Good job hanging in there. 
    Sounds like you\’re having a busy summer:)  Hope things settle down for you.  Thanks for stopping by.  -T

  5. LOL…. I looked at the picture… I think I might have screamed too, just from the shock of seeing something like that 1) on my body and 2) up close and personal! Yuck!

  6. I\’ve never met a lizard that freaked me out quite like that…but my best friend is deathly afraid of green tree frogs. I think they\’re cute, but I\’ve watched her hyperventilate because of one. Where is the picture of your lizard??~Kelly

  7. Well, G, we each have our preference and likes, and you are entitled to not like lizards.  I just wish I had been walking with you and that it had jumped on me instead or at least I could have gotten it off you and put it on me…lol.
    Glad you had a good week and that the filing wasn\’t so bad in getting it done.

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