Wazhat! Wahzat!

A little about me :)


I stole this from Tysley’s Space. I thought it was cool….

What were you doing ten years ago?
1. Living in Miami

2. Was very present at the 1998 World Cup! Jamaica’s first time ever!

3. Got engaged in Paris!!!

4. First time ever did one of the bus tours in London

5. Took a picture with a wax Sean Connery

6. Back in Miami set about getting ready to plan a wedding in six months and packing to move back to Trinidad 🙂

What are 6 things on my to-do list for today?
1. Buy some of the books off the children’s book list for September ( didn’t get around to it)

2. Make changes to workshop brochure/press release

3. Call some members of the support group

4. Buy multi-symptom Panadol ’cause my ear hurts 😦

5. make sure that every thing was done on yesterday’s to-do-list.

6. attend a meeting for my group

Snacks I enjoy?
1. Vanilla Ice cream

2. Blondies

3. Cheetos

4. Popcorn

5. Doritos

6. I am really enjoying trail mixes recently

Things I would do if I were a billionaire?
1. Give most of it away

2. Buy my mother as many houses that she wants 🙂

3. Build some great schools that are sensitive to children with disabilities in Jamaica (in particular autism)

4. experience as many new experiences that I can…see new places etc.

5. Build proper play facililties for children in both Trinidad and Jamaica.

6. Party like a rock star…I know

Places I have lived?
New York, Trinidad, Miami and Jamaica

How did you name your blog?
my daughter is very inquisitive and at the time she was still getting her words right instead of saying ‘what is that’ she would say ‘wahzat?!’ I thought it was cute so it became my blogging identity !

Who am I tagging?
Noone. But feel free to jump in and play it yourself!

Thanks Ty


Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

5 thoughts on “A little about me :)

  1. Wow!  You sure did had some fun times.  Remember not to mention "vanilla ice cream" around me, it makes me have feelings for it that I need to resist.
    I believe all the islands need to have better programs for special needs children. 
    Happy Thursday!

  2. Hey stranger. Got something in common. I was at 1998 world cup also. Did we meet???!!! lol.
    Wonderful place to get engaged. Paris. Cool places you have lived in as well. Impressive blog cv my friend. Hope you and the family continue to enjoy life.

  3. OHHHH…it was so much fun learning more about you and some of your experiences.  Great blog! 
    How exciting and romantic…thumbs up to your hubby…that you got engaged in Paris.
    I liked your choices of what to do with the money and would do similar…as far a giving much of it to places I believe would do some good, and wouldn\’t want to be rich or try to maintain a rich life style.  I would want to put my grandchildren through university, but they would have to work for some of their own expenses, not thinking money grows on trees, and I would take the family on a world-wide vacation, and combine it with some missions visits and work, and try to meet up with some of you blogging buddies, treating us all out to activities my friends would think best represented their countries, and enjoy the fellowship.

  4. Hello there!!  It\’s so great to be back and be able to see all my blog buddies again!!!  Looks like life has been good and busy for you…After the death of my computer back in May, I just was out of the loop.  We have spent all summer computer-less until this last weekend!  WOOHOO.  I guess it hasn\’t been all bad…the laundry/dishes/housework has stayed pretty much caught up.  LOL.
    Now I\’m back in blogland and glad for it!!
    Take care!

  5. Hope you are having a relaxing Summer and enjoying your kids. It was almost exactly 10 years  in Cincinnati, when I had my 4th child, a daughter, my Bella.  I was pretty overwhelmed and tired!  My to-do list is huge…purchasing school supplies, working out car pools for next school year, find a musical instrument for my middle schooler, 3 Birthday\’s in our family in the next week, make hair appointments for the kids….ok,  I am going to sleep so I will never finish this list (heehee).  I enjoyed reading your post though.  Blessings

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