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Big foot


Looking for shoes recently! I came across a curious discovery- my normally size eight foot now appeared to be 8.5 and even nine.
For all of my adult life I have been a size 8 so you can guess how perturbed I am now, because all of the shoes that I wanted could fit.
So my question to you is do you think our feet get bigger with old age or is it that the shoes are being sized down?
hmm interesting

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4 thoughts on “Big foot

  1. Hey woman, you\’ve been missing in action!  Hope all is well. 
    As for this episode with your big feet, maybe you gained weight.  It was very amazing for me when I lost the 65lbs to see that I also lost an entire shoe size!!  It was also quite a delight shopping for a whole new shoe wardrobe!
    Have fun girl!!

  2. When I was a teen I wore a size 5, and as a young adult I wore a size 5.5.  After I had my children I went to a size 6.  I am in my mid-50\’s and I now wear a size 6.5 but once I lose the entire 20 pounds I expect to be back to a 6.  You may have a point about changing shoe sizes though.  Some shoes I buy I can still wear a size 6 as long as it is a 6 wide.  My foot is small but broad.

  3. Its like chocolate bars. I remember when you bought one as a kid they seemed huge. Now the same choc bar seems tiny. I think its just that they skimp on the shoe leather, tell you its a size 8.5 to make it look like you are getting more for your money but its really an 8 all this time. Its like the whole world is being manipulated and the powers in charge of out planet are manipulating our minds and brainwashing us into believing things are as they are when infact we are living in a Matrix.
    Paranoid of Scotland.
    Hope all is well on sunshine island.

  4. Your feet continue to grow your whole life.  I\’m nervous.  I\’m a size 9.5 now.  What happens when I\’m older and after I have kids? Yikes!  -T

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