Wazhat! Wahzat!

Rain rain go away!


The waiting and preparing for a storm is always so nervewracking.
The worry that it may be worse than they say, it may be exactly what they say
Oh please let the storm miss its mark
Then it comes and does it’s dance and you just can’t wait for it to be over
so that things can dry and get back to normal.
I must say Gustav, although only a tropical storm, sure packed a wallop.
Parts of my roof that didn’t know it could leak..leaked, my bed is wet,
lots of places throughout the land flooded, lands slid, people were lost
I have to be thankful that all of my family and friends are safe and sound
albeit it frustrated with the wet.
My roof is still intact and my children are still happy and well fed 🙂
There is electricity running through my house
And I was able to have a little fun with my new camera as
I watched Gustav have a dance with my favourite coconut tree! (see my album)
Be safe have a great weekend!

Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Rain rain go away!

  1. Just came to check on you! Glad you\’re ok..even if a little wet! Thank the Lord it  wasn\’t worse.. Hope you get dry and no one lost much..

  2. Oh soooo glad you posted! I thought of you all day yesterday. So glad you weathered the storm well! Hope you get all dried out soon too.

  3. Girl, pack your bundles and head to sweet T&T eh!  You know you\’ll be safe between those mountains!  Or if you can\’t make it, just do like a true trini and throw a "storm coming party"! LOL  Oh gosh, trini\’s doh have good sense nah, everything is ah good reason to party!
    Anyway, jokes aside, I hope that Gustav behaves nicely and that you don\’t get affected like the last storm that passed through. It seems as though once they start they just keep coming and you don\’t get a chance to fully recover. 
    Be safe and keep us posted!

  4. G,
    I\’m a bit behind times on Gustav…just looking at the news this morning…but you are in my thoughts and prayers…and I am glad you and your dear family are ok. 
    Love and hugs,

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