Wazhat! Wahzat!

Well at last …


So at last we are set up!

I seemed to be lacking the packing and unpacking gene so I am really not having much fun with this whole move thing. So much so I ran away for a few days this weekend. It clearly was necessary because I feel refreshed. :0)

However the children seem to be doing great. They have settled into the new house as if they have always been here. Children are really the best. They teach you that you can adapt to change, because it is inevitable. Just embrace it and have fun while it is happening.

So I am learning to relax and enjoy the new possibilities. Who is going to join me? It is a pity you couldn’t come help me finish with this unpacking!


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5 thoughts on “Well at last …

  1. I am certainly not going to join you on the unpacking!  No mam!  I just finished doing that, and I need a vacation now!  Oh gosh girl, moving is real stress yes.  In about four years, I have to do this again, and that will be the final move, into my own house and that will be permanent, no more moving!
    Anyway girl, go get the unpacking done.  Try doing at least two boxes per room per day, and you\’ll get it all done.  My stratergy was to go room by room.  Put the boxes that belong to each respective room in or at least near the room and just start unpacking and putting things into place.  Recruit those kids to help out!  LOL  At least you have a beach to go to when it\’s all over and done!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. Umm I would love to come help you unpack but you see I have this umm. back problem. .umm……Anyway good to see you are settling in. Hope your life in your new home is as wonderful as can be.

  3. Hey Lady!  Just checking in to see how you are.  Don\’t worry about that unpacking.  It will happen when it happens.  Take a lesson from the kids and just settle in the best you can.  Take care!  -T

  4. I would have enjoyed helping you unpack and watch your children explore their new home.

  5. Oh girl how I know all too well the dread of the packing and unpacking.  OY!!  I think I\’ve got most our stuff unpacked (we\’ve been here a year and 2 mos) except the garage! YIKES!  Keep plugging away girl.
    All that matters is that your kids are adjusting well!  The boxes can wait!! 🙂
    Learning to relax along with you…

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