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Ode to Miss Milli


Once a year around this time I feel the need to shout an ode to my housekeeper. Now I hum this ode dilligently through out the year, but at this time of the year I am ready to stand on a hilltop and bellow it for all to hear. Because you see dear people this is the time that I foolishly allow Miss Milli to go off on her much needed 2 weeks of leave. SIGH!!

Every year I send her off and tell her rest up and have fun and I think well I can do this Mothers all over the world work, clean, cook and take care of their children and they don’t complain. And honestly for the first week I am usually thinking yeah I am superwoman… so what if I hate to wash the dishes, so what if I can’t stand the idea of sweating over an iron, dinner haha I can do that in my sleep.. I am doing this HA!

then reality crashes in to the tune of the second week and I am weeping wondering why I never lined up a person to come help twice even once a week. Dishes pile up. Sinks get clogged, the laundry mountain just doesn’t seem to ever get any smaller no matter the number of loads that I wash. My daughters hair… well okay i have figured out how to comb it in a way that makes her happy. i have heard enough chat from my youngest about how Miss Milli cooks this dish and that dish so much better. Suffice it to say I am frazzled. I stayed up one night washing, folding and ironing because the children need to go to school in uniforms and pajamas just wouldn’t do. And to add it all is trying to fit into a place that maybe bigger but lacks the storage space that my tiny townhouse provided.

 And my thoughts ran onto all the women that do this on a regular basis and I add them to my ode. So I am singing a song to all the mothers out there who don’t have the part time relief of Miss Milli and I forever thankful that I have a Miss Milli to complement the lack of housekeeping gene that I clearly suffer from.

Miss Milli
Miss Milli
Thank God for Miss Milli

Sigh Maybe next year it would be easier … hmmm we’ll see.


( By the by Miss Milli came back yesterday and what a relief it was to walk into my house and see everything in it’s place and food on the stove I did a jig and gave a hug to this woman that is my life saver 🙂   )


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7 thoughts on “Ode to Miss Milli

  1. I would like to have a miss Milly…someday.  I dream of a house where everything is in it\’s
    the laundry made, ironing etc I don\’t have the housekeeper\’s gene I think.  Excuse me for my
    english writing but try to do my best.  I am from Quebec…

  2. Oh that I had a MISS MILLI!!!  I am sure she has earned her vacay!  Of course as a "stay at home mom" (who is never at home??) I feel like my job is to take care of the house/kids/laundry/hubby/etc.  But it sure gets overwhelming at times!  YAY for Miss Milli!!  And YAY that she\’s back!  LOL
    By the way, thanks so much for your sweet sweet words over at my blog.  You have no idea how I needed them today! Yes, it is truly a gift to have others who are walking the same/similar path and who really "get it".  Just to know that we are not alone in this is such an encouragement.   So we keep on keeping on for our precious ones and pray for strength and know that The One who created our boys loves them more than we ever could.  And that is what keeps me sane!! Well, that and working out, but you know.  I love how you said "keep keeping the funny!" That really gave me a chuckle!  Thanks for the encouragement.  You keep the chin up too dear! 

  3. Hmmm, I think I need a Ms Milli now too yes, because I am getting tired of doing house work!  Thank goodness I don\’t have the kids to run and clean after too, I don\’t know what I\’d do.  But as the saying goes, "a woman\’s work is never done."
    Big-up your Ms Milli and all the other Ms Milli\’s out there!

  4. Miss Milli sounds like a treasure and I am glad she is back home.

  5. In your part of the world, having a housekeeper is the norm.  Here, you have to have a lot of money.  Friends of ours are moving to Nairobi and were told that if they didn\’t hire a housekeeper for a dollar a day (or was it per week?) it would be keeping someone from working and they would be considered selfish!
    The same but different, eh?  blessings, g

  6. Oh!  Much love to Ms.  Milli.  Next year when she goes on her leave, ask her to come vacation with me.  I have just a small mound of laundry.  Ha!

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