Wazhat! Wahzat!

Oh Oh!


It played out like a ‘B’ movie complete with lead female acting incredibly ditzy. You know the type of movie where you are screaming at the screen for the female to not go there … well that was my life yesterday morning.
At 3 am I heard a noise and then some shuffling so I thought gee why is my son up and moving at this time and then I noticed the darkness. And of course I started to grumble because I had told my husband too many times that this new house is too dark to turn all the light off in the house it wakes my daughter up and she gets disoriented.
So with sleep in my eyes I stumble out of bed to go turn on a light. As I put my hand onto the switch I noticed a shape standing by the door.. for a minute I thought it was my father -in-law and wondering why he would be up and on our side I said hello and then I realized that no it was not my father-in-law, but in fact some strange man who in response said ‘OH OH!’… so I said HELLO again ( this is where the ditzy female comes in) and start to follow him as he stepped out the open door and then belately it hit me
I yelled for my husband and then I realized maybe I should go get him and poor fella he was so deep in sleep that his first response to my statement… I think there is a man in the house ( hey ditzy female here) …was … YOu not serious! I am like yes there is a man in the house and I don’t know if he got out.
Oh I should add here that the front door goes to a grilled patio so I really wasn’t sure if the guy was still there just waiting out some nerves.
My husband and I both go out into the living room afraid to go to the door and then the impact that a man may still be in the house kicked in for  my husband and he quickly dragged the children and myself to the other side of the house and bolted it tight. Police were called and I have to admit they came much faster than I expected. So at 3:30 in the morning there were policemen with guns pointed walking through my house. Only to find that the strange man had pulled the grill aside… and no the grill is not made of play doh propped up with a brick. I am sorry I didn’t get a picture of it. Sigh. and made his escape. Oh that is how he entered by the way.
So that has been my experience so I have lots to be thankful for. Wehave life, my children were not traumitized, I was not stupid enough to tussle with a man
And nothing was stolen.
Thank GOD!

Author: kidfriendlyja

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7 thoughts on “Oh Oh!

  1. Oh my GOODNESS!!! Wow…. how scary! I\’m so glad nothing was taken but more so that no one was HURT! Wow…. guess you\’ll be keeping some lights on now, huh?
    Be safe.

  2. I am thanking God along with you, G.  Ditzy was just the right way to be at that moment.  I am so glad the man was not one of those who likes confrontation, or could have been the kind to feed on fear, and you were not acting afraid.  HUGS to you and your dear ones.

  3. Wow!  Damn tief, it\’s a pity you didn\’t have a shot gun to put two in him!  I hate thieves!  What was he going to say, he opened the wrong door, he thought he lived there? 
    Anyway, I\’m glad that you all are safe and nothing\’s missing.  Move that grill from there and secure those entry points.
    Have a safe week!

  4. WHAT!?!?  OMG!!!  I can not believe that.  I probably would have passed out in fear!  Geez!  SO happy everyone is ok and not traumatized.  Wow!  -T

  5. OMG… doesn\’t that just put the fear in you?  UGH!  Was your door unlocked?  Goodness.. I\’m so glad that you are okay!  We had a break-in at our old house and we moved!
    Hugs – Tiffany

  6. Good gracious, girl!  SHEWW!  I am so glad that y\’all are safe! 

  7. You\’re funny ! l like the way you take a scary situation and make a funny story of it. Although l\’m sure you weren\’t laughing at the time-maybe by the time the police arrived ? Glad everyone ended up ok 🙂  Tracey

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