Wazhat! Wahzat!

Voting Time


At last the time has come for the votes to come in and be counted.
Hope everyone made the trip to the ballots, because which ever side you sit on your vote could make the difference.
I am just excited that a decision will be made tonight and all this campaigning that has degenerated into mudslinging ( which is usually how it ends) is going to end after tonight.
Ohhhh can’t wait to see the outcome…..!
Good luck!

Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Voting Time

  1. Yes we can, yes we can.  Viva Obama!!!!!

  2. YES WE DID!!!  The deal is signed, sealed & delivered – YES WE DID!!!

  3. We did it!!  The celebrating continues but the hard work will soon begin.  Thanks for cheering for us:)  Take care!  -T

  4. Experienced it first hand whilst there. Coudnt believe how in your face it all was. But more importantly, watch T & T beat USA 2-1 in World cup qualifier. How cool is that!. Plus Russell latapy who got both goals plays for a team ot far from me.
    Hope you and all of your family are wonderful. And love the pics as usual.

  5. The Out of Sync Child was very helpful to me with my granddaughter.  She is labeled PDD Nos.  Very mild but still an issue.  Hope all is well with you.  g

  6. I forgot to say.. AWESOME!!! pics 

  7. Being very conservative in my thinking, I would not have prefered Obama, but having said that, he is certainly in my prayers on the huge task he has ahead.  I wish him only the best…along with praying he will have wisdom beyond his years and understanding.   Some of the people that voted for him have an attitude that he OWES them, or maybe more like they OWN him.  
    So far… I have been pleased that he is taking the office of President with great consideration and thought… and is looking like he will care more about finding the best people for the job…as opposed to just a particular group and agenda.  This shows me that he really cares about doing what is best for the American people and will be more moderate.  He will realize soon enough that a president can only do so much, and how dealing with the Congress, the economy, and other serious issues, are different in reality than in theory.  I am very pleased about him being the first black president…and pray he will become more conservative in his thinking each day…lol.  ;D 

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