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A new way to see things


I finally gave in… and got my daughter those glasses that she needed. Sigh I just couldn’t come to grips that my 5 year old  ( well she was four when she got the prescription)  needed help to see.
She though LOVEs them!!! She still needs to adjust to them and takes them off every chance she can and then finds her self back under the tv as just before LOL
But I took a look throw those lens and GEE they are really quite STRONG… I couldn’t wear them…well I don’t need glasses, but that is another matter.

So for now my daughter is excited by the novelty of her new ‘toy’ and can’t wait to show it off to her classmates… while I am as usual all anxious that the prescription may be too strong or that she may put it down , lose them or break them…or worse she has to wear them for the rest of her life.

I hope they really do their job of being corrective lens and help her eyes get better and not dependent!

This parenting thing really has too many twist and turns and sometimes too interesting.


Author: kidfriendlyja

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4 thoughts on “A new way to see things

  1. Awwww, she  looks really cute in them, but I hope they correct the problem soon so that she can \’loose\’ those things before she gets to high school.  She\’ll eventually get used to the prescription. – Sigh.
    Have a great weekend!
    I need a beach – it\’s cold here!!!

  2. She\’s still adorable! Be prepared, she\’ll break them or lose them or any number of things over the years… but – from someone who\’s worn glasses for YEARS… she\’ll get so used to them at some point they\’ll be on her face and she\’ll say, "Mom have you seen my glasses??"  lol ;o)
    Good to see you around. Been worried after the break in and then you vanished right after! Sheesh… NOT good timing. ;o)

  3. Well I think they look cool. But then I have been wearing glasses on and off since I was 3 yrs old. Member those were the days when it was bottom of bottle lenses, not now with all the designer stuff. I have broken several pairs when young and old!. I turned out to be perfect, ha, but then people who wear them are waaaay cool anyway. Dont sweat about the prescription, those guys know what their doing.
    Been sledging today. Hit a heady 15 degrees. Bet you wish you could swap it for all that sun sea and sun stuff you have over there. oO on admit it.

  4. Your new picture additions are just wonderful!  Your children have grown… and are so cute I want to hug them.  I had to wear glasses when I was little too…because of having a crossed-eye.  I eventually had to have an eye operation…but your daughter has beautiful… and straight… eyes.  The wonderful thing about how advanced things have become…new ways to improve vision are always being thought up.  Your daughter looks great in her glasses and I pray they do the job.
    Thanks for your visit and comments…and it always brings a smile to my face when you visit.   I do try to be a thoughtful and fair minded person and so appreciate your kind words about my latest blog.  

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