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Thinking thankfully


For the last few months I have felt like death was dancing too flirtatiously near for my comfort. It seemed as if every week or every other week I was wiping away tears because someone I knew personally had lost a father, grandmother, sister or mother. The most recent being a colleague and friend who lost her dad to the battle of cancer… he was a prominent Jamaican ‘soca’ entertainer and just as I was trying to absorb that shock and feeling the rawness for my friend then I heard that my Aunt had also lost her fight with cancer and I did indeed cry!
Because this death was so close and it made the inevitableness of my parents and grandmother passing that more real! I felt pressured and nervous BUT then I chose to release the panic that was creeping over me and dwell on the things I could be thankful for:

So I begin with :

I am thankful that my life was made richer from knowing these people who are now gone and by the wonderful persons that they sired

I am blessed with GREAT family and no matter what, I am loved by my family which thankfully is large and loving

I have great friends, though not many, they are wonderful and make my life meaningful ( and that includes you too)

I live in paradise on earth and I am blessed to have been born in an isle that is also paradise on earth

I have the two most wonderful human beings as my children and they add a shine to my life that makes me sparkle

I have a house that is getting more and more secure by the week ( oh we have a panic button installed and we plan to add a security system)
I have a husband, though a brat at times, who is supportive and loving and is a good father

We all have toes that wiggles, fairly good eyesight and though I feel old some days, every thing works when it needs to

So I have lots to be thankful for and most importantly I have had another day filled with great memories to cherish of the people that I love and who make my life mine

Have a safe and Happy Weekend


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4 thoughts on “Thinking thankfully

  1. G,
    I am so sorry about the losses of people you cared about, whether through friendship, or with it being a beloved Aunt.  I pray you may all be comforted, and like yourself, I try to dwell on the things I am thankful for in any situation, and rejoice in the blessing of having known, and remembering what made and makes, those I love so special, while I am here to do so.  You put it quite beautifully in your blog. 
    Love and hugs to you, and your dear ones,

  2. This has just been a messed up second half of this year, but thank God it\’s almost over and we\’re alive!  I\’m looking forward to a much brighter 2009 and beyond, and I\’m forever greatful for everything that I have to be thankful for despite the tough times!
    Have a happy Sunday! 

  3. I am sorry to hear about your losses. You are right in what you say. Be thankful and appreciate every day. It\’s so easy to pay it lipservice. And all husbands are "brats". Its what men were put on this earth to be, even if I say so myself.
    hugs to you and yours

  4. Loss is always a difficult thing. The best thing we can do in difficult times is to practice gratitude…it can really pull you out of the pit! Hang in there, girl.

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