Wazhat! Wahzat!

It’s a new year and already missing in action!


I have so much on my mind that I couldn’t figure out how to get the jumble of thoughts into words so bear with me as I ramble!

Happy New Year by the way! May 2009 be even better than all the dire predictions have forecasted.

I looked back at my wish for 2008 and I must say that it had lots of the elements that I asked for.
A year in Review!
2008 was a whirlwind of change. As I had asked it was indeed filled with family, laughter and for the most part was happy. I went home to Trinidad for Carnival and I had a blast and the time spent with my sisters and mother was so amazing for the first time in a long while they were all speaking to each other and that meant it was great. And then I had my sister and my niece by me for summer and with my other sister rejoining the airline as a flight attendant meant I saw so much more of her that I felt blessed. I was able to find great ways to enjoy my children while stretching their imagination and limits.
It became a crazy year because I took on a part time job that for the most part was more full time than part… it added an element of stress that I ran away from in the first place… however I enjoyed certain aspects of the job- the people who I had missed and especially having the flexibility to leave at the previously appointed time.
THEN I moved house –WOW Moving sucks even if you are making a supposedly positive move up! The last few months of the year were traumatic to say the least. Hectic and Stressful and Cluttered. Next time I move I am hiring a professional crew along with a interior designer to fit everything in. GOD please let me afford it! LOL
And of course it didn’t help having a break-in barely two weeks into the place.

2008 also brought something so totally unexpected and shocking that I am still reeling from it.
So I was going to be all cute and beat around the bush.. but can’t muster up the energy!
At about September /October of 2008 I found out that no I was not  going through early menopause ( well that is still up for debate) like my mother did at my age– I was actually PREGNANT! Giggle I was on my way to baby makes us five….BUT no let’s not stop there. After an ultrasound I was SHOCKED!!!! to see not one but TWO sacks… come on you must have heard the scream all the way across the waters. To say I was surprised would be an under statement! Hey I have two children already I was looking to make it three BUT four WOW I am still reeling. REELING though every now and again I get excited yeah a little bit of delusion sets in LOL. Wow as if I didn’t have enough on my plate already. But as the saying goes God giveth God provides or something like that.

It has been interesting the different reactions from people. Some people are excited from the offset, some people laugh hysterically, some have commented on my monetary status or lack there of, some have commented on how old I am to which I instantly rebut by saying I AM NOT OLD!! most have had a knee jerk reaction to ask me WHY WOULD YOU  HAVE TWINS!! to which I have had to say that "you know I really went up to those two doors and opted to go through the twin door!" As if I had a say LOL

So I started off 2009 4 mths pregnant quite huge(apparently 2 babies will do that to you) , in a freshly painted house in great need of some rearranging to fit 4 children and two adults, unemployed (got laid off in December because my boss thought I needed to rest seeing as I was having twins at "my age") and really, really TIRED!!!!!!!

Whoa now that was a mouth full. I should be around more often as I have lots of time between my couch rest time.

So what’s been going on with you?! I guess I have to come a visit and find out!


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6 thoughts on “It’s a new year and already missing in action!

  1. WHAT?!?! TWINS!?!? CONGRATS G!! That is an awesome feat, I hope when my time comes around I could do that, although I\’m hoping and praying for just one! That\’s wonderful news, you go woman, now you get to play mummy times 4, wow, I can\’t wait for the stories!Have a wonderful weekend

  2. Oh MY GOSH! You\’re pregnant with TWINS??? Holy moly…. congratulations! :o) Fun, fun, fun! And to think you thought it was early menopause! LOLOk, so you\’ve got a good excuse to not be blogging real often but…. keep us informed – k? And, how bout some pics? Happy New Year! I\’m so excited for you.Love, Dory

  3. By the way, I didn\’t send out christmas cards either… and I have NO EXCUSE. Just lazy!

  4. Wow wow how cool is this news. So does that like make us all bloggy uncles and aunts or is my stalker streak showing?SO I tihnk we need to talk names. Chris? If a girl Christine? If boy and girl perfect huh? If two boys I will let you choose another boys name. Hows that? Yes I have always been famed for my generosity.Hugs, although i dont think my arms will be long enough to get around all of you now.

  5. Twins?? Wow!! I decided to visit Spaces for old times sake and look what I\’ve missed out on! lolCongratulations, I\’m so happy for you!! Hugs

  6. I realize I am WAAAAAY behind in getting over here to catch up on your life and LO and BEHOLD you are having TWINS!!! Congratulations!! SO exciting. ALL that AND a puppy!! You are a brave woman!! Just kidding…you are an incredibly blessed lady!

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