Wazhat! Wahzat!

I did something I never do ….


For the last two nights I watched the two day premiere of American Idol!

I never do that I usually get so embarrassed for the bad singers and am wrought with anxiety for the so-so singers that I rather wait for the semifinals choose my winner and then watch the last show. I usually get the winner right 🙂

But I watched both days and it wasn’t as painful as all that . It did make me wonder though… where do some people get the notion of a non existent singing talent and the gumption to go in front of an audience and sing!! i mean I am no singer and after a few of the terrible ones I was thinking hey I do have a pretty good voice! LOL

I have been feeling out of sorts recently now that I have more time to blog walk I have been finding that I can’t find the spaces that I have become accustom to visiting either people have moved without a forwarding address or they have just stopped and it makes me feel sad… and I have to agree with  my Trini Friend Fay the ones that are around are still not saying much 😦 really makes you want to say knock knock anybody out there
It feels like in the old days when I was the only visitor to my space <<giggle>> But I guess like those day this space has always been about me relieving some of the noisy words mulling around in my head and not about stirring up comments :). I miss the people that are no longer here though and I wish them well. SIGH.
Also I am not enjoying the new layout and look of spaces it is back to being hard to get around <<pout>>
A bit miffed
I watch a lot of television- it is one of my vices so i will share two shows that have recently distressed me with their episodes.
I occasionally watch Private Practice, the spin off from Grey’s Anatomy, and I was so upset by their episode on the MMR vaccination. It was so alarmist and judgemental that it angered me.
 I understand that vaccinations are good and necessary in keeping our children and everyone else safe from disease, but I am sorry it is hard to balance that with the fact that it may or may not cause autism. In the show this woman had a child with classic autism who she swore became autistic after being vaccinated and two un-vaccinated sons. One of the son got measles and of course died in the process causing the doctor to vaccinated the remaining son without permission. Have I mentioned that it was alarmist and judgemental.
I understand the mother’s anguish not to repeat the autism card.
For me it has been as hard swallowing  this vaccination thing seeing that my eldest has been diagnosed with Autism- Thank GOD that he is not classic and is functioning good so far in this neuro-typical world. Thank God for him he is a sweetie. I can’t say that he has autism because of the MMR or one of the other vaccinations or if it is simply a combination of genetics and unfortunate circumstances, but I do know that I am SCARED and cautious. I have been tardy with my daughter I needed her to be clear and grown and strong and only then did I give in to getting her vaccinated for the MMR. I know as a child I never got a vaccination until I was about 5 or 6, I also had Measles and German measles as a child and I am still here to talk about it. I know it is possible to die from measles, but hey it is also possible to die from the common cold. My view on vaccinations especially the likes of MMR is that they are giving them to babies too early and too many at a time and honestly there is no reason that we could wait until a child is at least 3 maybe 4 to do the MMR, but I am not a doctor just a concerned, opinionated mother. So suffice it to say the show got under my skin.

Then on a lighter note
The show Ghost Whisperer had me spooked. I like some semi-scary shows some times and I think Jennifer Love Hewitt is cute or maybe I think her name is cute… whatever.  It was about reincarnation and how the spirits that do reincarnate prepare the mother’s to be by speaking to them in a dream. Now I have always said that both of my children spoke to me and named themselves before they were born. My son actually told me he was a boy in that dream/conversation all along I thought I was having a girl. YIKEs needless to say that I was SPOOKED! Can both my children be reincarnates is that possible and finally do I really believe a silly show and does it EVEN MATTER LOL?! Well no it doesn’t, but the show surely had me spooked for a bit.

PHEW I am even more chatty than I thought:
I have been enjoying the puppy. He has been like a third child– a third spoilt child that is. He is as finicky eater as my daughter and sometimes would not eat unless I am standing there with him and in the beginning and actually still at night he would not venture outside… he is easily spooked LOL
It has been fun watching my chidren bond with him. Actually it is quite annoying at times because my usually ‘fearful , don’t leave me with that dog ‘ daughter has turned in to the little girl from Finding Nemo and is perpetually pulling, tugging and squeezing the air out of the puppy. My son has been great with the dog as well… it took a litte while, but he actually plays catch and chase with hime. The puppy has been great with them both patient and tolerant and nibbles righ back on them and they still love him so I am happy. Soon he will be too big to be inside all the time, BUT I am sure we will find some reason for him to lie under the computer desk by MY foot LOL

(the children very happily gave him the naughty chair and he delights in sleeping it and destroying it depending on his mood 🙂 Oh and he fights them for the chair when they decide they want it back..silly children)

So I am all chatted out -so I rambled and rambled and now I wish everyone a great weekend as I go off to stomp on some spaces


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8 thoughts on “I did something I never do ….

  1. Catching up with you has brought a huge grin to my face! From the recent pictures of your children, the new puppy, expecting twins…WOW…and congratulations!…on that…to the great article on friendship…all a blessing to read!I haven\’t digested my last year completely yet. We\’ve lost friends, two of our furred family, or friends have lost friends or family, this passed year, or had great hurdles to surmount, and we\’ve had our own hurdles, and now…beginning this new year with a big one, concerning my mother. Your comment meant a great deal and is much appreciated G.I\’m so glad your son has YOU for his advocate, with the autism, and of course that your entire family has you too! You are in my thoughts and prayers too, as we head to the end of this first month in our new year.Love and hugs,Beth

  2. p.s.I liked that amphibian too. ;D

  3. Hey there Wahzat…….so you\’re feeling down about the lack of bloggers that we have become accustomed to….me too! But I was one of them until today. I\’m going to try to be around more often and I too do not like what has happened to Spaces. I\’ve yet to actually see what I need to do to follow people over to BlogSpot…….other than reading and commenting I haven\’t looked into creating my own blog there. It\’s a miracle I\’ve been blog writing and walking today as it is! LOLI saw the show on Private Practice, it was a learning experience for me. I don\’t have children so I never had to be informed I guess. But I now see how "uninformed" I am. That is scary and I hate that any parent has to deal with it.I also watch Ghost Whisperer. I\’m a TV junky too, until the better weather comes that is. Actually that\’s part of why I came to read you……needed to see some warm weather pictures!! LOLThe puppy is adorable…….you\’ll have years of love from that one.Hope to hear from you……and not all of us have disappeared!Hugs,Colleen

  4. I\’m noticing that people don\’t blog as much as they did as well. It\’s like blogging was a phase that most grew out of.

  5. Wow G, see what happens when you stay away…. turn into chatty cathy! ;o) As for blogging, I think a lot probably just got so frustrated with Spaces that they either quit or left. There has been a ton of former-Spaces bloggers on Blogger now. A BUNCH. I know that I can\’t hardly navigate over here anymore. I\’m glad mine is long since gone…. it\’ll be a year soon since I started my own domain. (Gosh, that FLEW by!)I\’m a tv junkie too but I didn\’t watch American Idol… I watched Biggest Loser on Tues and the LOST catch-up episode before the season premiere this week. But I did see Private Practice. It was sort of an *alarmist* approach to the topic. I know a lot of *facts* about austim, having done tons of research on it in college – but not from a parental perspective, like you. I don\’t think anyone can say definitively that vaccines are linked to austism… I think it\’s still a lot of speculation. But you\’d never guess that the way they portrayed it on the show.Take care,Dory

  6. Hey girlie, thank goodness that you\’re now sort of grounded with those twins, so you can be "chatty"! Any kicks and flipflops as yet? Footballers or ballarinas? LOL – I want to know!I\’m still not happy with the new changes around spaces. I think a whole lot of folks have stopped blogging because of these stupid changes. I still can\’t find my way around here – thank goodness for the "back" arrow I find myself using it a lot to get back to where I started!I opted out of watching the two nights of American Idol. I couldn\’t miss the Biggest Looser and Mama\’s Boys, so I skipped it this time around. But I must admit that I flipped over during commercial breaks and got a few seconds of the foolishness. I can\’t believe that after 9 seasons people are still going to these auditions claiming they are going to be the next AI and can\’t sing a lick to save their lives! I have to admit that those shows that you mentioned watching, I never even entertained the thought of watching any of them, but I\’ve heard that they are good shows. I\’ve also been seeing a few news stories along the lines that certain vaccines have been linked to causing autism. But girl, we can only speculate, no one really know the root cause of it. But I have to say that in every photo that I have seen of your son I always said to myself "is she sure this child has autism, because he sure doesn\’t look or act that way to me?" He is always playing or happy or doing something that "normal" kids do. The way I see him and way I\’ve see quite a number of other autistic kids, there is a vast difference in behavioural patterns. He seems normal to me.That puppy is so cute. He looks like my german shepard pup Donna, when she was a pup. LOL – your daughter is turning in Dara!? Poor doggie, I\’m sure he has no where to hide either – lolHave a great week!

  7. Just stopping in to say hello. Hope all is well! -T

  8. 1. Question…Did you name the puppy yet??2. It is March and I am still not loving the new and "improved" Spaces. I toyed with the idea of heading over to Blogger or WordPress and many of our Spacer friends have done, but I\’ve invested 2 years over here and just don\’t feel like starting over…yet. And yes, I think I did kinda take a blog break for a bit…I think I sorta hit a dry spell where I felt like I didn\’t really have anything to say. But I think I\’m back in the groove now…sorta. ;-)3. The vaccine-autism connection…we all have our opinions on this…especially those of us with children on the spectrum. It is my opinion that in OUR personal situation, vaccines were not to blame. I understand that some people need to have a \’reason\’ or an explanation for their child\’s autism. As for me, the reason is not important…of course I need not look far up the branches of the family tree to see the DNA connection! 😉 Solutions and practical day to day survival ARE important to me. SO I choose to focus more on that. I think there is not enough evidence to prove the vaccine-autism connection yet. I support people and their need to research the causes and treatments!! And I do agree that they give too many vaccinations at once…there needs to be a better spaced out plan and of course the removal of all preservatives from the vaccines. But what I *don\’t* appreciate is shows that get people all worked up without any substantiations! Some would say it was getting the word out, and I\’m all for spreading awareness, but there are appropriate ways to do that. I have seen some shows do great service to it in recent years, but the Private Practice episode…not so much. And that is my 2 cents worth on that…more like 20 cents worth! HA

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