Wazhat! Wahzat!



Well this has been ridiculously long time…
Been going through a bit of a rough patch that has been kind of depressing and being constantly tired and  achy hasn’t helped either. A lot has been missed since the last time I posted. The children had birthdays 8 and 6 respectively. WOW it is unbelievable that I have been a mother for 8years already  🙂 The children had sports day and that as usual was awe-inspiring and my heart did swell with pride.
The husband and I had our 10th anniversary on Valentines day who would have thought? certainly  not I LOL.

Right as I was feeling really low three things happened that made me realize that Life is full of such beauty and happiness that if we allow ourselves we could get lost in it.

1) I opened my window and saw the wonder of a fully bloomed Poui tree just outside my window. WOW

2) The icecream truck drove by and we actually stopped it and got icecream for all… the beams from my two lasted until the next day. Such a small  thing that produce such delight that it also cheered me until the next day as well.

3) And finally what do you get when you cross an excitable young girl, her dog and a princess t-shirt? One very proud girlie and one poor puppy who ran away to hide because he was hating the confinement. Can I tell you I laughed and laughed doesn’t he look miserable. I don’t know how he sat still long enough for her to put it on LOL

I hope to be more present, but I can’t promise feeling really tired now and sitting can be tiresome as well LOL.
Luckily everything is going along well with the pregnancy and with God’s blessings I will be able to carry these two as close to term as is possible.
Have a great weekend everyone and I hope to take a walk and visit everyone.


Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Sigh!

  1. SO glad to hear a little about what is happening in your world! How your puppy has grown since we last saw pictures!! Did you ever name the puppy?? Praying that your pregnancy continues to go well!! Keep us posted! Take care!

  2. (Scream) Girl, I haven\’t seen a Poui tree in years, I mean years! Wow, what a wonderful, sight, you took me back to the northern range and queen\’s park! I remember on the northern range there was this one poui tree that would brighten up the entire mountain range. One huge yellow tree among all that green – breath taking!Anyways, it was nice of you to finally come out and play with us for a quick minute. I\’ve been sending out so many SOS signals for you, I\’m glad to know that all is well with the family and that the twins are coming along nicely. I\’m loving the "trini flag" t-shirt – LOL! You go girlie, big-up the mother country! (ohhh, did that sound like a cuss word?)Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead – don\’t be shy, come out and play with us again soon okay!

  3. OMG!!!! I am so sorry that I have not been around because I had to go back and read past entries to find out when you got pregnant!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so jealous. When are you due? Happy birthday to the little ones and you take care of yourself and rest. God knows you\’re not going to get much of that once those babies get here!!HUGS

  4. Well, there you are! I\’d been missing you and wondering how you were feeling – so glad to see you post. Take it easy – those babies need you to be rested and healthy. :o)

  5. Knock, knock….anybody home? Hope all is well!

  6. Congrats on the pregnancy! Hope things settle down for you soon! -T

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