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April is Autism Awareness Month


I am not sure if I told you this before.. I started a support group with a friend a few years back … well to be honest my friend coerced me into starting it with her, I am not a going to meeting kind of girl and I definitely didn’t want to be responsible for monthly meetings and I didn’t think I was ready to do any supporting, BUT started we did and we haven’t looked back we meet regularly and we have even had a few parents workshops. Socials/parties for our children. It has been gratifying being there for parents who are going through something similar to me.

Recently we were had our most public event ever. For World Autism Awareness Day on April 2 we as a group stood in the front of a building on a busy corporate street and released 100 balloons as a symbolic gesture of spreading autism awareness. WILD.. .honestly it was a wonderful experience even if we didn’t reach anyone other than the parents who were there. One member of our group said it was quite spiritual looking up at these balloons as they slowly spread through the sky really symbolic of what we as a group hope to achieve. 🙂

And now for an update on me… well as you may have realized I am still not getting as much computer time that I need and to be honest my brain is one big fog so blogging or walking has not been happening. It doesn’t help that my husband keeps hogging the laptop either LOL.

I am doing good just really big for me… and I am SOOOOO TIRED all the time. Don’t mean to be whiny but having two babies at a time is hard work. My brain is constantly busy with whether I have eaten enough today, was it the right foods. Did I drink my three glasses of milk and the requisite 8 glasses of water? I have found myself eating stuff that I would NEVER EVER eat if it was for these two. I don’t really like coconut water, but it is suppose to be good so I find myself drinking it and I despise papaya or pawpaw as we call it in the Caribbean but once again it is suppose to be good for me and the babies so I close my eyes and gag on a few slices every other LOL.
And I am keeping myself quiet, because I really want to go as close to term as possible… no early labour for this one ( sooo don’t need the stress) But you know GOd is good so I expect all will turn out GREAT in the end. So say a prayer for me cause I have 2 months to go if all goes well.

My children are great they are looking forward to Easter holiday and to be honest so am I … We can all sleep in late 🙂

And here is a picture of the belly as I was last week. LOL the camera is doing a good job of hiding half of it.

Have a great week!


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3 thoughts on “April is Autism Awareness Month

  1. Finally we get to see and hear something about what\’s been going on with you! I\’m so glad to know that everything\’s going well thus far. Don\’t worry, you\’ve got but a few short months to go again, then it\’ll be all over – new task ahead – breast feeding two babies at once, while giving equal attention to the other two. I haven\’t had coconut water in ages! I can\’t wait to go home to go around Queen\’s Park Sav. to get some. Wait, scratch that, it\’s too expensive now, I\’m sure I could get some from the back yard or from a neighbor, free!! I never liked papaw, so I\’m not going to fuss with you about it, but please for the baby\’s eat as much good stuff as you can and is suppose too.Take good care of yourself! Hope to hear from you soon again.

  2. We had a rally in Minnesota on Autism Awareness Day. It was so cool to hear the stories and offer my support. In my business of health care, Autism comes up alot but this one of the first times I\’ve seen the issue up close with so many beautiful children around. We have some big bills going through our government right now in support of Autism in schools and our communities. I\’m fighting the good fight.So glad to hear your cruising right along with the little ones. Hang in there. I\’ll keep you all in my prayers. Enjoy the Easter break. I think we could all use it about now. Take care! -T

  3. Hi G! So great to SEE you!! Or…. part of you anyway! You\’re looking fabulous – all full of healthy growing babies and I\’m sure there is quite a "glow" on your face, as well. I love the balloon idea – what a beautiful thing to spread Austism Awareness. :o)Continue to be well and keep us posted! Love,Dory

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