Wazhat! Wahzat!



So am I warped or what … Tori Spelling is my idol!!!

LOL so I reveal my guilty pleasure I watch Tori and Dean and love it.
I absolutely love her and the gushiness of the love for  her husband and her children and all the stuff that she does.
She writes books… I want to do that too!
She has a jewellery line .. I want to learn how to make jewellery!
She is bringing out a children clothing line…. I want to do that too ok I was really thinking more in the line of wearable art LOL!!
She loves her children to bits…. and so do I!
She wears such cool clothes… I want all of her outfits!

Not going under the knife for those boobs though!

Giggle so I take a few moments from my nap time and free time from my wonderfully vocal babies. Hope I don’t sound too whiny, but sigh two babies and nursing a c-section is no fun. They don’t sleep too good and are gassy so that means lots of crying….LOTS of crying ..so looking forward to 3months when colic is no longer an issue! Oh Oh no 5mths when the smiles just overflow and they should be sleeping through the night! I am tempted to do that crying out thing so that they can put themselves to sleep…because the tag team that are my two has me and my husband doing the walk way pass 3 in the a.m.! I tried this  with my first son, but LOL I failed miserably… I think he cried for 5 minutes and I gave in. But if I want to keep my back intact I just may have to do. We will have to see. I am also riddled with guilt…because I literally can’t find the time to give the older two any attention, because when the twins are asleep I should sleep…so really the most the get from me is a hug and then a stern warning not the touch the babies hands! LOL! The only consolation is that next year this time though my house will be LOUDER  but life will have some semblance of normal 🙂

And so what have you been up to?


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5 thoughts on “Warped!!

  1. SCREAM!!! Hi G, it so nice to hear from you! OMG, and I\’ve been seriously giving thought to getting into the "baby making" business by early next year, so that I could get it over and done with now – but you sure did scare me a tad bit – well okay, A LOT bit – lol! But you\’ve been down this road twice before, so you know the phases and when they\’ll over. The main thing is that you have two new beautiful healthy girls and they\’ll be over the cry, cry phase soon, and soon enough we\’ll all be laughing at the "silly" toddler stories.I love Tori Spelling too! Don\’t think I could say the same for her mom.

  2. OMG. you sound like a…….a 16 yr old, like thats totally warped like duh!!love you!!

  3. Hi G, just came over to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I know you\’ve got your hands full, but have a great and enjoyable one!!

  4. You are too funny! I\’m going to have to check out Tori and Dean. Sorry the twins are giving you trouble but glad to here you\’re doing well. Take care! -T

  5. OMG… I did not know you had twins! They are ADORABLE!!!

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