Wazhat! Wahzat!

hello hello!


Since I had a minute I thought I would pop in and say hello.

This children thing is time consuming as you can imagine. Some days I feel like I could barely get my head over the water. Luckily, my girls have learned to turn on the smiles ( and no it is not gas anymore LOL). Thank God I live in a place that allows me to afford help because I am not sure I would be sane now LOL. Actually I know that if needs be I could do it all because I have to> 🙂
This pregnancy and subsequent birth has been a really humbling experience. I have had to relinquish a good bit of my independence while I was pregnant and even now… because it is very difficult moving about by your self with two babies….especially when recovering from a c-section. And as everyone knows I have two other children. My poor honeys have had to endure a certain amount of neglect from me as I delegated them away to Grannies, Grandmas, Aunties and Nannies and Cousin Television LOL.
The delivery had me give up any idea of modesty as I lay bare for at least 10 people in the delivery room and then for three days for an ever changing army of nurses and midwives who were ever bursting in to check my temperature, my fluids and my gad discharge! Honestly i could not have been royalty in the old age, because sponge bathes are down right embarrasing!!! <<giggle>>
And being at home is no different… we added a nannie along with Ms Milli to assist with my four especially seeing that I would be moving slower as I recovered from the surgery….My mother was here for 6 weeks (I don’t know what I would do without her I think I would have lost it). So at one point there was so much traffic in my house all of who were peering at my breast as they cooed at the girls! Unbelievable! Luckily I got back my sense of humour and can now laugh it off.

I am only now feeling like me even though most days I have no more than three hours sleep under my belt.
The girls are great they have settled down in their sleeping they are usually asleep for the night by 11pm and that is a good thing considering the early morning walkings that they had me do. They are holding hteir heads up and are almost sitting up. And the younger but bigger of the two has a grand time rolling over… she does it at any opportunity that she can.
I have been blessed with four lovely children and I can’t complain about anything. The older two love their sisters and have been very good helpers. I am so happy I was sure there would be a bit of angst or something… but no they have claimed one each and offer to help with both. Big sister loves Loves being a big sister and can’t wait to hug and lift them… but at 6 years I think not LOL.
They both started back at school and seem good.. though there are more days of I don’t want to go to school than before, but the work is much harder so i understand. My son got "Outstanding student of the Week!" two weeks running so I have been over the moon… those of you who have been visiting for a while would know that is a really big thing!

So the long and the short is that I am here and hanging on and my little ones are just growing and growing …all four!
So how have you been ….did ya miss me?
I will upload some pictures soon… been trying to do that for weeks now.


Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

2 thoughts on “hello hello!

  1. Love, love, love all the good news. Keep it going and congrats again:) -T

  2. Wow, I see that life is wonderful and hectic for you. Oh the joys of womanhood!I\’m recovering nicely and exactly as you said – getting those walks in.Be safe

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