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  I just put
both girls to sleep and I have an hour before the bigger two come from
school so I’ll take the time to chat about on some of the things that a
rumbling around in my head:

We all went to church this
last Sunday and I was so proud at how well all four of my children
behaved…We sure have come a long way since I started insisting on
church. The older two sit quiet enough and my husband joins us now and
well the babies sleep :). Mind you I am one of those mother’s that take
a snack, some drinks, the bookshelf and every crayon in the house with
me to church to ensure that peace prevails through the service. I leave
the kitchen sink home because i don’t have a bag big enough to fit it.
<<giggle>> Distracting maybe, but I also sit way in the
back so it is not so bad.Which leads me to what occurred to me this
Sunday. I looked at this woman sitting in front of us with her daughter
intently listening to the sermon while she just as intently chows down
on a piece of gum. GUM IN CHURCH!! No wonder it is hard for the
children to keep it out of church and school if they have parents who
don’t think that it is wrong. And then to add insult to injury to my
right there was a woman sending a text on her cell phone now I was
shocked, but before I could plaster a most self righteous frown on my
face I glance to my left and there was MY HUSBAND also texting away! I
couldn’t believe it. Gone are the days when you use to be frowned on
for giggling in the pews… now there is a free for all with gum and
cellphones and yes mp3 player as Fay has blogged about herself.

also brings me to why should I teach and insist on my children saying
hello good morning , good evening and good day to the people that they
come upon when the elders that they are supposed to be respectful to
don’t say hello first or back. Where has the manners in the world
gone?!! Sigh

But I guess it is up to us to ensure that our
children know that it is wrong to use your cellphone at church gum is a
no no and always be polite and say hello, thank you and good bye even
when the adults are being bad examples!

So what else… I
am actually getting more time as the little ones settle down and
growing up. They are moving into the lovely time of life when
everything is all smiles, giggles and squeals and I am loving it even
while I am shrieking that they are growing up too fast. BUT life and
change is inevitable i guess.

I am so saying a prayer a day thanking God for my family and friends
and for the opportunity to be home with my four. It is tight moneywise
but hey at least we eat everyday and the roof over our head is leak
free LOL. Because I am so enjoying all the time that I have to devote
to all of them. I don’t know if I would have been able to deal with the
stress of working and dealing with homework and missing the babies
moments and having to perform at work.

I saw Marley and Me last week and boy was it like looking at a movie of
my dog… he is one year already and what a character he is for a mutt
LOL Suffice it to say I wish I could bring Cesar Milan of the Dog
whisperer over here to train me so that I could have a dog that didn’t
jump all over me, nibble at the children and try to dance/hug ( yes I
said hug) my six year old who he is a whole head taller than her when
on his hind legs and then give me back chat or should I say bark when I
demand that he sit. Sigh it looks so easy on tv. LOL Marley and me was
a really sweet movie though made me give my mutt a doggie treat just
because he was there and alive 🙂

Ok that is it for now hopefully I get more rambling time soon.


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