Wazhat! Wahzat!

Consider yourself warned


I just thought I should tell you if you haven’t figured it out as yet.
When you leave school at highschool or college that is not the last you would be seeing of homework!
You should know that if you have children it starts all over and it is even harder trying to remember what you did then.
And if you think you hated maths as a child I can guarantee that you will hate it more as an adult.
Creative writing will suck and history will drive you nutty. Because to ensure that a child learns there is alot of repetition so you would likely write a page about ‘Me’ everyday for two weeks and you would add 6+5 and 9+3 just as often and each time your usually brilliant child would look at the assignment and  say Mummy I can’t do this!
Sigh good thing though the holidays are long and are enjoyed by all!!
SO consider yourself warned!


Author: kidfriendlyja

Exploring all activities Jamaican that our children would enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Consider yourself warned

  1. LOL…. since this week I\’ve studied spelling words, done more math than I care to think about and helped edit and rewrite a paper about the use of COLOR in the world…. I totally understand what you mean. Sheesh.

  2. Yes dear, and the projects that take up to midnight to complete cause even though they\’re excited to do the research on the internet, and you print it off for them, you still have to cut out the photos, help them stick it into the project catalog and then they still have to write all of the information LEGIBLY (are they kidding, do they know how long it takes a typical 8 year old boy to do this) in their own handwriting. To think I have 2 more boys to follow, even the 3 year old has project homework.

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