Wazhat! Wahzat!

Just colour me a player hater


Either that or I am showing my age. These things have been bugging me lately:

*  Beyonce: I read recently that her tour in Egypt was causing an uproar. And I have to say I am not surprised. I am always appalled by her lack of costumes. What is with the crotch skimming leotauds and WHY does she have to go-go dance in all of her performances. She has so must talent and she is forever shimmying on the floor trying to win her audience with sex. Silly and sickening.

*  6 inch heels: I am usually very fashion saavy and I can appreciate the classics and the latest trends but after watching Kelly Ripa standing awkwardly almost toppling over in hers I realized that this higher than high heel makes a girl look really odd when standing and even more silly when walking. This is one trend that I will have to stay away from. Yup i will stick to my flats.

And while we are talking about Kelly Ripa… I love her I think she is funny but she is getting TOOOOO skinny. I wish people and Hollywood will get over this need for skinny it is so not healthy.

*  I don’t get the affinity with Taylor Swift ……. and that is all I will say on that

*  And can we please get over the Twilight series already geez they are only movies. Yet another set of movies about vampires and werewolves. ( Ok so I have not read ore seen any of the movies but really how great can it really be.) The constant chatter about these movies and their stars really makes me to not want to see it.

Yeah it looks like my age is showing its slip. LOL

Have a great day


Author: kidfriendlyja

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2 thoughts on “Just colour me a player hater

  1. Girl, Ms. B turns into her alto-ego Sasha Fierce when she is performing. So don\’t blame it on her – lol – it\’s not really her – lol!! But I do understand what you\’re saying, I ask the same questions too. Her talent speaks enough volume, she doesn\’t have to do all that crap!I love Kelly too! Did you see the episode last week when she put on the Bra that give her double D cups?! That was too funny!Kanye West has propelled Taylor Swift into full fledge celebrity hood after he grabbed the mic from her at the VMA\’s. I don\’t get her either. Well I don\’t do those series shows, so I can\’t comment on that one. Hope all is well, have a great weekend!!

  2. I agree with you almost completely!

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