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To serve


I am not really good at serving!
I know I was a flight attendant for years so I am trained and I was actually good at tending to people food needs. And to be honest both of my grandmothers have by example instilled a very good hostess gene in me. No one can sit in my house for longer than two minutes with out getting a drink in hand and an offer of something to eat. So sometimes it is knee jerk
SO maybe it is not about serving only, but the take for granted thing that happens between men and women.
Men expect to be served and that always gets under my skin. Even as a child it would bug me how my stepfather would sit back and wait for my mother to wait on him.
So I am a bit of a feminist I only learned to cook out of necessity ( I dont like junk food and I was home alone at college) and I believe in equality. A ideology that doesn’t really bode well in the Caribbean.
Now you may be wondering why am I going off on serving and tending?! Well my father -in-law is not in the best of health so it has come down to me to ensure that he eats ok if not good. So I dish out breakfast and dinner and usually expect him to fend for himself at lunch. I don’t mind doing it actually because I selfishly want him to be around for my children to know him LOL. What riles me everytime is the fact that he will sit (or lay in bed) waiting for me to serve him and if  I get tied up because gee I do have twin babies he would just not eat because he couldnt bother. And when I do dish out it is usually met with a list of dos and donts and what should be done and i do this all with a child on my hip  I don’t like being bossed about.LOL.
Now he is not an invalid so i don’t think he should be eating in bed to which he responded that I need to stop treating him like a<<bleepbleep>> child. sigh oh well at the end of the day I keep on with it because maybe keeping him fed will keep him with us longer 🙂
I may not like it but I am working on my attitude about it 🙂


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2 thoughts on “To serve

  1. Had a discussion about the same thing at work yesterday, I have no problem serving as long as everyone is the household pitches in, however small the task. Even if I do most of the cooking my boys (including the hubby) has to pitch in, setting an example for the kids. I hated when my dad did it to my mum, I won\’t accept it now. Otherwise we will all NYAM CRACKERS.

  2. LOL, stop treating him like ah blood-clat child!! LOL! Oh gosh girl, why does he remind me of my father? Year ago, my fathers thing was that a man should not be in the kitchen. So that fool would starve if he wasn\’t served! And after he ate, he left the dishes on the table too. But you bet your bottom dollar now that he has to do it himself since his divorce, he\’s has learned to boil some water and butter a few slices of bread and how to turn on the kitchen tap to wash dishes! Poor thing even poisoned himself quite a few times too – lol – but, he\’s getting better at the cooking thing these days.I hope your F-I-L has a plan of how he\’s going to eat when you go home in a few weeks for Christmas.Take care!

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